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    Lack of hardcore game types! PS3 and Xbox had HC kill confirmed patched in Can we have this and more?

      Hi Trey_U_Dev!


      As you state that Wii U will be up to date once the correct patch is released so all regions can play together! will be being getting this new game mode as provided to all other platforms???


      I see no reason why we shouldn't?? remember the games was confirmed to be the "Full Package"


      Also can you suggest to the powers to be that hard core Hardpoint, Domination etc would be great! You should also push hard core modes in a news release and the extra fun and skill this brings and hones players skills! over half our community play core TDM allll the time!!


      Let people no a harder challenge is awaiting you! give it a try!


      More game modes and pushing this option I hope would bring fresh faces to Hard core!