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    Triple cap; yay or nay

      what peoples veiw on triple capping, i prefer not to i like knowing where the enemy is coming from makes it easier to defend. too often ive had games where im defending A&B and the rest of the team cap C with out me noticing and i get shot from behind (makes me irate), probably my own fault for not paying attention to what my team are doing.


      what does everyone else think?

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          Re: Triple cap; yay or nay

          I prefer not to spawn kill my enemies.

          I enjoy it more when I make the spawns flip constantly.

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              Re: Triple cap; yay or nay

              It all depends on if your in a party, in this game even more so.  Other cods you could go solo and triple cap on your own, but this, NO WAY. If the partys strong, and theyre all xp whore cappers like me then deffo yeah. Also depends on how good the other team is.


              Im off to HC now, so happy capping. Try it beeds, you shoot people and they actually die like they shud

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              Re: Triple cap; yay or nay

              I need the triple cap medal to get the last titles for Dom, then I can just stop playing that mode, I need that 15000xp but now the game just puts me into lagfest matches with complete idiots, me on B flag and my team walking around it, OUT OF THE DAMN CAPTURE RANGE, little help please, you guys suck at killing, so could you atleast give me a hand?


              I can't defend or make assaults now, I started to get the damn magic bullets hurting me when no one is around

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