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    General question about accuracy.

      Hi guys.

      Pretty sure I'm going to get trolled big time for asking this, but I was wondering if there are any tips the better players on here can give me regarding improving me accuracy (apart from the obvious don't miss approach of course). My K/d and win/loss are what I consider ok, 1.5 and 1ish. I'm at the point now where I don't really seem to be improving anymore so always looking at other people's stats in the lobbys to compare. What I notice it that my accuracy stats are piss poor compared to a lot of players with similar k/d's and the like. Pretty much all my guns sit around the 17.5% accuracy range, and I regularly bump into players with 23%+ accuracy scores.


      You think this is something I can learn with practice, or you think it's a question of genetics and immense hand eye and twitch reflexes?

      FYI I split my time pretty evenly between AR's and smg's.


      Tips would be welcome

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          Do the weapon challenges, they help you a lot learning how to use the advantages of each weapon / equipment.

          Try other combinations of perks / score streaks.

          Always keep experimenting and adjust your weapon / class to the map/gamemode/connection you have.

          Sounds easy but its hard work to find the right setup for the right situation!

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            I try to stick with 1 or 2 guns. That way you get a good feel for how they handle. Another thing is keeping your crosshairs pointed in the general direction of where an enemy could come from. If an enemy appears and you ADS, you should be close to them and not need to adjust your aim much.


            Another thing to consider are your tactics. Improving your tactics will improve your game more than your aim. When you play a match against a really good player, go back in theater mode and watch it through their perspective. Watch their file share and recent games to pick up some tips. Hope this helps, and good luck.

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              17% isn't bad to be fair matey...

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                Great replies, guys. Thanks for the tips. Nice to see folks willing to help instead of the usual flaming and trolling.

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                  imo anything around 15-20% is good accuracy for a gun you use alot , the only time i'd expect to see higher accuracy is with sniper rifles and maybe shotties.


                  But good tip use the burst fire weapons in the ar and smg classes, and generally try to burst fire with normal guns, especdially if you're ads'in  accuracy will increase as the longer you hold the fire button for the more the gun is moving about, it might not seem like it but remember over any distance even the tiniest movement of the gun is amplified

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                    The best thing to do for your accuarcy is to lower your sensitivity! With a lower sensitivity you don't jump around as much and you land more shots especially at longer distances.  Also if you want you can buy FPS freeks which are analog extentions for your controller. Basically they make it so you don't have to move your analog stick as much to account for aiming.

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                      Turn down your Look sensitivity a bit if you cant aim. The lower the better aim you will have.

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                        You're stats are good and you don't need to improve them really.


                        Mac's suggestion of burst firing more is a good one.


                        The sensitivity being a bit lower will help as long as it doesn't hinder your movement so only change that incrementally.


                        Going stealth and creeping and sneaking to get headshots is a sure way to get good accuracy. You could also watch out for how much recoil each gun has and aim slightly lower to compensate. Using grip on some guns should help too.


                        Getting the kill, suppress fire, drawing an enemy in by going loud is all part of the game too. I can't imagine a real soldier checking his accuracy stats after finishing a tour, in the firing range maybe or if you're a sniper maybe too.

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                          A simple tip you can use wothout changing the guns you like is to tap the trigger. If you like using SMG's just start trying to take on enemies further and further away by tapping the trigger. Anyone can get a kill right across the map with an SMG just by doing this simple action. It may take time but the more you practice this kind of shot you will improve your accuracy and all round gameplay. Also, in doing this, you will learn how to handle weapons better.

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                              I would agree on improving your accuracy using the burst/single shot weapons. I just checked and I range from 28.85 (Swat) to 30.42 (M8). My SMG's range from 21.67 (Vector) to 24.32 (Chicom).


                              I also used to push a much higher sensitivity but now play at 5.


                              The other tips re: preemptively aiming where you think someone may appear is good also, I move with my sights at "upper shoulder" height as well. I see many players moving around basically aiming at the ground which adds another step to snap aiming.


                              If I am moving around teammates, I developed the habit of "practice" aiming on them as well prior to engaging with the other team. Indiosyncratic but I started doing this to help with headshots.