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    Unbalanced game - Needs some nerfs.

      Well, I bought Call of Duty - Black Ops 2 on it's pre-sale, I tought that all the changes (Attachments, perks, create-a-class, maps, respawns, game modes, etc etc) would make this game a hundred times better than Modern Warfare 3 and the other CoDs, mainly the best CoD ever.


      But on the first days of gameplay I started to think that the game was going to be even worse than Modern Warfare 3. Possibility of Head-Glitch on every corner of the maps, spawn traps (Tought this was only on Modern Warfare 3), campers with bouncing betty, shock charge, etc.


      After playing for some more time I got used to that. This ain't affect the game too much, but there is some other things that since I started playing they've been a pain in the a**. Here are them and some balance suggestions.






      My first Black Ops 2 game ever was on a map called Hijacked. I loved this map so much. For a month that was my favorite map, until CoD noobs discovered the Shotgun. Now everytime on Hijacked you usually have to play against 3~4 shotgunners, with shotguns (Like KSG) that have a ridiculous long range and can kill you in 1 shot, basically a Sniper without scope and incredible more accurate on hip fire.




      Decrese Shotgun's range, decrease damage, increase the "pump-action animation" time.


      Hip Fire


      At the start, everyone was thinking that the hip fire was like Modern Warfare 3's one = Impossible to hit people 10 feet (Try to imagine this measure ingame) away from you. But then people discovered that a well applied hip fire can kill people up to 30~ feet and with laser sight, maybe more than that. Even Assault Rifles are good on hip fire.




      Bring back Modern Warfare 1's hip fire.


      Spawn Traps


      On Modern Warfare 3, those were very common. On Black Ops 2, they are harder to do but you can still do it with some skill.




      3~5 seconds of Immortality after respawned sounds great.


      Drop Shot




      I know this shouldn't be nerfed, but I just think that when you are going prone you should be unable to shot for a longer time, or your crosshair should grow really big that you would miss 90% of the bullets fired from the hip.


      Bouncing Betty/Shock Charges




      The sound of Bouncing Betties right before exploding should be a little higher, sometimes you can't hear it in the middle of a gunfire and go prone on time. And Shock Charges should also be bigger or have a brighet light, sometimes you can't see it. (I use Tactical Mask/Flak Jacket and this doesn't affect me so much, but people are getting mad at that)




      Well that's all to a perfect balanced game for now. If you agree/disagree with something, reply this thread

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          Disagree heavily with your shotgun argument. There are only 2 worth using, the R870 is statistically worse than any other viable shotty from past titles and only dangerous if you allow the user to get close to you. The KSG fires a single slug and thus requires high precision. If you are consistently beaten by a KSG you are being outplayed.

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              Well, I don't know, I find the KSG heavily overpowered when I played on Hijacked with it, 0 attachments, Team Deathmatch and made a score of 29/6... My team lost that game for something like 75/36, so I got round 80% of the kills from my team (The other team was really better).


              The other shotguns are really bad, I agree with you, only worth in close-quarter maps.

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                I agree with your argument for the KSG, but the R870 is ust plain overpowered. It can reach extaordinarily far with long barrel, and kill in 1~2 shots. I am fine with the 1 shot kill because its a shotgun, but the range is way to far. IMO the range should be decreased by 25%.

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                    Hell no. The only shottys from past cods that are comparable (the Spas-12 and the Stakeout) have MORE range, even when the R870 is Long Barrelled AND Laser Sighted. No-one fussed about them, but when the community picks up SMGs in a big way and winds up going for CQC encounters, all of a sudden shotguns become more moaned about.


                    Fact is, if you let an R870 user shoot you twice, you deserved to die. If you let them get near enough to you in the first place, more fool you/well played them.

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                  what does need to be nerfed is the emp grenade.. it should take 3 of them to destroy a sentry..


                  it takes  alot to get it, and for someone just to have an emp handle in their  load out to destroy it, makes it way OP


                  emp should be maily for BB, claymores, shock charges.. for anything bigger, should take 3

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                    For the first time in CoD the shotguns are finally decent to use up close. The KSG requires quite some skill and with the smallest amount of lag, you can't hit a damn thing. The shotguns are perfect now.


                    Hipfire seems normal for me now to. Previous titles without steady aim bullets almost left your gun sideways. Besides, without the laser sight weapons are only decent up close. ADS wins it on range any day.


                    I've been playing CoD since 3 and through all those years I've been spawntrapped only once. It's a matter of how you and the rest of the team plays. If you get to the point of getting spawntrapped, it's your own fault. Play better. No need for a 5 second invinciblity, that would make it even more annoying. What if an enemy spawns behind you and you react quick enough. He kills you because he is still in spawn protection.


                    The amount of dropshotters is quite low compaired to previous titles. If you see someone dropping in his ballscratch mode, just jump over them. Especially in tight spaces, like on Hijacked, you can just do a little hop over them, turn around and shoot their ass. In prone, they can't turn around.


                    Bouncing Betty's and Shock charges have so many weaknesses. Flak jacket protects you from explosives, tactical masks ignores the shock charge. EMP grenades destroy them instantly. Engineer allows you to see them through walls. A headset allow you to hear shock charges really easy. Go in crouch/prone to avoid Bouncing Betties. If you still get killed by these frequently, you just don't play decent.. you probably rush around corners without thinking.




                    For what I read now, you are just a SMG rusher. You get owned by shotties up close, which is why you want to get rid of those. The hipfire of others annoys you because right around the corner someone reacts faster and you run around those corners without thinking, getting caught by Betties and Shock charges.

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                        You DO have good points but here is a small problem with spawntrapping: What if, maybe, just maybe, you have the entire enemy team spawntrapping you on maybe, Hijacked? And they run around spamming duel B23Rs? Then you have Target Finder users on an upper deck? Is it your own fault? Would YOU stand against that? I doubt it. It happens frequently, obviously without the entire team with the exception of one time but still, how could you counter that? If the entire enemy team uses scoresteaks like lightning strike and dogs what will you do? Nothing is the answer unless you chose ragequit. In addition to your view on reactions, from what I have read, you have really bad connection and are getting "compensated" from lag compensation. As for hipfire I have to say this: Hipfiring is overpowered. Why can I spam a full PDW mag with no recoil?! I mean seriously people.That is all I have to say, other than that I agree on your comments on BB's and SC's and the KSG.

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                        You know what needs a nerf? Your whining and ********. Either play the game or don't; there are bigger issues that need handling other than your whining about the guns.

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                          Hello There Pleguinmeine,




                          Have you seen the CoD maps? They are small and have tight corridors which is perfect for shotgunning and spraying. It would make sense that shotguns would then be decent+ in these scenarios, since it is a close range weapon.


                          I'll disagree on the accuracy of a shotgun, for example the KSG. I use it a bit and I've noticed that it is pretty random on the range, i can snipe someone with it and then miss a point blank shot while aiming down. I suppose we could contribute this to the lag compensation but since it has occured at a variety of different locations and the results were duplicated I won't put it forward to lagcomp.




                          I've been killed a few times aiming down the sights with an AR (usually an M27) when my enemy is spraying all over the place. In my opinion in close quarters combat (CQB) it is better to hipfire and to save aiming down the sights for medium to long range targets. So as an example, a firefight in a closet like room would be ideal for spraying, while shooting at a sniper who is at the same time sniping you (approx 100+ feet away) would be ideal for aiming down the sights.


                          3) it is incredibly easy to spawn trap on Black Ops 2, espicially on Hijacked.


                          4) I think that while going prone you can't fire your weapon until your body hits the ground would be a great idea to help nerf drop-shotting.


                          5) Engineer is a pretty good perk for these types of traps.



                          At the end of the day we'll have every minority and majority of play styles in here insulting the other parties on their playstyles and how their playstyles are the "n00by" ones.



                          Take it easy,



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                            There should not be any nerfs cuz then there will be ANOTHER thing that needs to nerf or is way too overpowered. If anything there should be buffs.

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                                Using your same logic if they buffed anything that soon something esle would be to weak and need to be buffed and soon it would be too strong making other things needing buffed. After this cycle would go around and around a few times every gun and item in the game would kill in one shot anywhere no matter if was core or hardcore.

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                                There are a few problems with your posts that I need to point out.


                                First off the shotguns in blops 2 have the lowest effective range of any shotguns in cod history.  The 870 with long barrel for example is only capable of one shotting while ads out to 10-11 meters.  The mw3 spas with damage was capable of one shot kills from the hip out to 15-16 meters.  The blops 2 870 only has 60-70% the one shot range of the mw3 spas 12.  The m1216 and s12 both have sub 7.5 meter one shot kill ranges while ads.  The mw3 striker on the other hand has around an 11 meter one shot kill range with steady aim and damage.  The ksg is the exception to the general suckyness that is blops 2 shotguns.  It has about 15.5 meters of one shot range with the long barrel.  Thats not bad.  Thats around what you could expect from the mw3 spas.  And that is fairly average for pump shotguns since mw1.  The differene being that the ksg is a slug gun and fires one solid projectile.  It has no shot spread so it is much much harder to use in cqc.  It does have respectable range for a shotgun but it comes at the cost of high accuracy required.  The ksg is relatively ineffective in heavy lag or in the hads of an inaccurate player. 


                                Second hipfire.  Mw3 has the best hipfire weaponry in any cod to date, bar none.  The spreads, damages at typical engagement ranges, and average rpm in mw3 were all much better in mw3 than in blops 2.

                                Hipfired smgs in mw3 were far more effective than anything we have in blops 2 in terms of hipfire effectiveness.


                                Spawns do really suck and are pretty easy to exploit.  Pain killer was a terrible idea in mw2, having it be immunity instead of just increased health would be even more retarded.  Actually creating alternitive spawn points would be the way to fix this issue.


                                Dropshotting is fine.  It is not new nor hard to deal with.


                                Shocks and betties are anoying but there are multiple perks and pieces of equipment that reder them useless or a detriment to the person using them.