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    Why do I do so bad every time I play on core?

      These last two days I have been going back to core to see if I actually have gotten better. Apparently not. Now, I still suck, but not nearly as bad as I once did. I went 24-23 with 28 confirms on hardcore, but when I switched to core I went 11-34 with 6 confirms. I'm sure you can see the immediate disconnection right?


      I always thought that because you can kill faster, you die faster and if you take that mindset into core you'll do better... I was indeed wrong on that also. Because going on the exact same map using the exact same class, I get owned, every single time. I really do try to see what I'm doing wrong and I have no idea. Maybe I should hold down R1 longer, I don't know.


      I usually don't complain about anything, lag, campers, tryhards, killwhores, spawn trappers, or anything. But I rage like a 10 year old every time I play core.

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