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    Nuclear Tips?

      Ok I tried this morning going for the nuclear title and managed to get to brutal twice; once with bare fal 6v6 dom and then again with the pdw silencer/laser in gw.  I just need to get those last few kills but everytime I get to 20+ kills everyone then seems to sit back and camp/headglitch and wait for me cause they know I'll be rushing, even with the fal I can't stand to sit back I just go crazy if I'm not doing something.


      Any tips from people who have got it for rushing? I usually use uav/cpackage/cuav atm till i get the VSAT and norm dont even bother with the cp.

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          Re: Nuclear Tips?

          I got 9 Nuclear Medals.  You just have to stay in choke points and flanking routes.  It helps to use a weapon you are confortable with.  Use Flak Jacket and Tactical Mask, these really help.  Use UAVs, CUAVs, and VSATs.

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