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    Are we diviating from strategy to promote a more arcade (individualistic) style of play

      As some of you may know I've been reverting back to MW3 to take a much needed break from Black Ops II. During this stint my stats have greatly improved. I'm averaging killstreaks I never could in Black Ops and I've earned a MOAB everyday since I've come back.


      I've asked myself why this is. Is it because of Assassin and Blind-Eye being in separate tiers? Is it the larger maps? Variety of Streaks both in classes and in packages? The answer is yes, but why?



      Superficially you can make the claim that MW3 is just an easier game to be good at. The good players trample the not so good, but then questions start to be begged. Thinking critically I came up with this:



      Black Ops II is nothing but an arcade shooter, and it encompasses very little strategy. While team play is still present rarely does a player have the capability of working with a teammate .


           The maps are too small forcing a pace that doesn't allow for proper communication and execution of well thought out plans of attack.


           The weapons and perks in the game greatly favor one style of play.


           And the positioning and structure of spawns only one philosophical principle, spawntrap


      This idea that "because Call of Duty is a video game any ideals that surround strategy are blasphemous" is leading the franchise down a rabbit hole we might not be able to recover from. We're too afraid to admit that camping is sometimes needed to secure a manageable pace. That sometimes an SMG might not be the right weapon to use against a particular team. And maybe, for once, using our brains might earn us the win.


      Placing consideration and reliance on five other guys isn't even an option anymore. We're becoming selfish and because of this we stop using cognitive thought to determine what actions are best, instead we default to an automatic response of "I need to pick a class that gives me an individual advantage" disregarding what would best suit the team



      The question I want you to answer:


      Do you agree with what I have said?

      If not, why?

      If yes, what should be done to avoid this kind of mentality and behavior?

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