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        I thought it was a good idea when they first introduced it but the other day I was playing my 4 matchest in league play for placement, two of those the game kick me the third the host quit, and then it said I was in probation, btw the I got put into the Iron division because supposedly I lost 3 out 4 games -_-

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          They're imbeciles. By the way... Any Mod with a problem that comment, look it up in the Dictionary. Lacking he ability to make a good judgement call is their fault, not me wholesale slandering them. All obvious, well documented failures on their part result in probation given. Absurd... Idiotic, and arrogant.

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            I just got a warning for that & its completely horse crap, putting in the same losing games where my team is getting spawn trap & I have to just be smart & sign out but now I won't be able to do that because I will get ban.

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              Arrogant snubbing of the community.

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                14. Re: PROBATION WARNING / PROBATION

                just got a warning hahaha f@#k this game

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                  15. Re: PROBATION WARNING / PROBATION

                  Good post Robbie


                  I am stuck on this one, its been apparently turned back on and the affects are noticeable as you are about the fourth person to come here to complain about it, but as I read you post you say:

                  I quit out about 5 times in a period of 20 games over 4 hours. Twice was because my friend and I were thrown into separate games and I quit to regroup.

                  I two have suffered at this lag compensation code tries Inefficiently balance the game between me and those other Internet connections, but I do not quit the game. I will attest to having seen a friend lose connection tonight and we stopped playing the game after that ~ rather kill zombies.


                  Then, there's the mid- and pre-game hard freezes.

                  These are the worse, one never knows what might happen to your system all together. But has it been proved that these freezes are creating probations and or warnings?


                  With the state of matchmaking and lag issues, freezes and party instability it seems an ignorant trick or perhaps one of denial to put this system into play. The quit-outs hurt better performing earlier CODS for 2 reasons, they were rage quits (not lag quits) and so were direct results of being beaten, and there was no host migration so many games would end unfinished as a result. Now, I don't see that the game improves with less quit-outs due to lag issues.

                  I hope the dev's get a change to read your post because in all you are right, again good post.

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                    16. Re: PROBATION WARNING / PROBATION

                    All they are going to actually do is cause what happened last year. Throttled connections=less qualified hosts, drive down DLC sells= less qualified hosts. The list can go on. This game is in no way in pristine condition, or even close enough to warrant putting someone on "timeout" for doing their best to control THEIR/OUR experience.


                    In short. They provided the environment by breaking the Netcode, possibly destroying our hardware... Now its time to punish us for their failures. How do you put me on probation for beta testing?

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                      17. Re: PROBATION WARNING / PROBATION

                      I cannot make a factual comment regarding freezes effecting probations, not until further analysis.


                      One of my 5 unfinished matches came about by being kicked (the whole lobby was kicked), a disconnection. I also cannot say if this counted, yet.


                      There are other scenarios too, the nasty sound spike induces voluntary quit out so this is unfairly counted for sure. All lag and hosting quits are counted and although these things are personal, relative and arbritary, this is unfair in many settings.


                      Then there are the times when you play in a party and suddenly at the last minute are sent to different games.


                      Furthermore, the times when you back out of a lobby or party and are also suddenly thrown into a new game, defying the reason you were backing out.


                      All of these are unfortunate at best, disfunction on the game side at least and yet here is the consumer being "informed" they have erred (made an error).


                      This is one of the following:


                      1. niaive/ignorant/misguided/ill-informed/lazy

                      2. in denial

                      3. a cover up smokescreen

                      4. several or all of the above

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                        18. Re: PROBATION WARNING / PROBATION

                        It would be interesting to hear a dev. (with knowledge of the thinking for PS3 as it functions now) explain the thinking behind this probation system, and I'm not talking about the theory - I understand that, in a perfect game this would be a perfect tool, even in a game functioning gameside, to a high enough level would work alongside this tool, but as it is now?


                        Treyarch, are you saying, "You're wrong to quit"?


                        Let me re-phrase, " You're wrong to quit, er and, remove yourself from deafening sound spikes, freezes (that go nowhere), abominable lag, and be a party to involuntary disconnects..."

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                          Yesterday was terrible. Waited so long for matchmaking, lags and I recevied the probation too. In my case, I did also friendly kills in KC mode, one due to revenge from a ***  teammate who killed me to steal my care package, second for the running teammates into my target area...

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