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    The Peacekeeper and Diamond Camos, and Future DLC

      (quick background)

      This stupid thing happened, and I might buy the season pass (or just the DLC pack. depends on the answer to my later question.) because of it.


      So my brother has the Season Pass on his account, and downloaded the DLC for our Xbox. However, I did not buy it, so I can play the maps, but can't use the Peacekeeper.


      This leads me to my FIRST question: Will there be future guns (unlocked by purchasing the DLC like the Peacekeeper) in the DLC packs? I want to know so I know whether to buy the season pass or just the DLC pack. ($35 price difference)


      Then just a quick SECOND question: (while I don't have them yet, I am curious) Will you still be able to have Diamond Camos for SMG's without having unlocked the Peacekeeper?



      Thanks guys!

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