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    Tired of negativity, let's have a positive discussion

      I am not even sure how to start this. It seems like anything one could bring up here will lead to a polarizing discussion of how one thing sucks as compared to another things awesomeness and I don't know about you, but I have had enough of that. Regardless of your overall opinion of the game, I want anyone who wishes to respond to post their favorite aspect of the game. Weapon, game mechanic, graphics, menu item functionality...anything, just please no complaining. Lets praise the achievemtns of this game as it seems many of us (myself included) have been lost in the shortcommings.


      I will start: CUSTOM EMBLEMS RULE!!!


      I don't care how many pornographic, nazi, or other offensive emblems I have had to report, the ability to have something creative attached to your name that everyone can see is my favorite addition to the game. Great job guys.