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    4.1 KD MW3 - Looking for Clan.

      Hi, I am 21 years old and I play MW3 a lot. I am 20th prestige with a 4+ K/D: 150K Kills. That is not what is important to me, I am looking for a fun clan who interacts with other clan members. I enjoy talking over the headset and having fun. Don't always care about winning, but I don't want a clan with players under a 1.0 K/D. I am looking for a high level clan, 40+, and sorry guys, I returned Black ops 2 momentarily, will get it back, but I am unable to do clan ops for BO2, only looking for MW3 at the moment.


      Please message me on PSN - Astrophysics0 (Zero at the end) or email me at marc.arbitelle@gmail.com --- I will get the email quicker!