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        Not sure how you know what you wrote abt kill cams n theater but for me when i get that laggy, star trek beam me up death..the kill cam seems fairly accurate. Its not like it shows me in a different part of the map dying from a  different person. So splitting hairs here but 95% accurate is pretty darn good.

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          I noticed in BOPs2 that a lot of my clan members don't care about kd anymore. I think it's because of the new reward system. Everyone now seems to play the objective at hand and not be a kill whore for kill streak rewards. Being rewarded for capturing flags, hard point or even destroying enemy equiptment can be more rewarding than just running around shooting everyone. But your going to die a lot more trying to capture flags or defending them ect. Hahaha some of the guys hate the new system because they can't just be kill whores and end up on top.

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            Yes skill based matchmaking is in here. You said yourself that you have a 1.60ish K/D and a 250ish SPM. If you are getting paired up with 1.00-1.50 players with similar SPM. Then it is working fine.


            I play everynight and constantly see 1.80-2.50 k/d players and many with 400+ SPM. I roll with with a full team and we consistently get paired with our equals.

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              That's my TDM stats, but I'm getting put in with people as low as 0.30 and low 100 SPM, which seems odd. That's playing solo as well, not partying up with players of lesser stats.

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                Honestly, I give very little credence to those statistics as they can be skewed by connection and cheaters.


                Best bet is to just go with it and enjoy the kills when you get them. If your play experience is anything like mine you are getting a number of matches where your kills are half what you expect them to be due to weird gameplay issues, so the ones where you just dominate will ballance those out. I wish I had more of those matches and fewer of the ones where I go 5/20 becauyse my bullets appear to be phase shifted or i die before the preson who killed me ever appears to fire their gun or come around the corner.

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                  Cool cool. The mrs is working this weekend so I should be on a lot then. I will try and find you or add you. I have always been a die-hard TDM player but maybe its time to branch out more. I'll play with you in your game modes, whatever you suggest..will be a welcome change and interesting to see these issues, cus I'm honestly in the dark


                  Thats bad if you have to be thinking about class set up just on the basis of getting around the lag issues. Certainly not how anyone should be playing the game. I have stock on all my weapons except for the SVU, which I run around the map with Acog and suppressor attached-loads of fun I'll tell you hehe

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                    I have a 3.0 K/D, 450 spm and I have never dashboarded.


                    My background is in competitive halo (mlg) and I have always found CoD very easy in comparison.


                    The reason so many people have seen their K/D's drop is not due to lag/lag comp.  it is because the maps in black ops 2 are small and the game design is unforgiving.  Previous CoDs had mechanisms that prevented good players/teams from completely dominating the less talented (through map design/other mechanisms).  Black ops 2 has largely removed the safety nets that less skilled players relied on to stay alive and get kills.


                    There is a reasoning why the competitive scene is loving this game...

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                      who in the competitive scene is loving it exactly ?

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                        I have a 3.21 kd and 2.50 spm and i found that if you play to how whatever gun your using is intended, than you should be fine

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                          cool, I will be one this weekend for a bit, specially friday night.  i play TD mostly so no problem sticking with you on that.

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