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        atruefan wrote:


        I fail to see how you showing video of what's happening with YOUR hardware is going to prove that nothing is happening to the hundreds of thousands of other players! And how it's any different then "referring people to youtube" but whatever you feel is necessary buddy!

        okay so basically you dont want to provide proof of anything, And you really expect ANYTHING to be done? Howabout taking the offensive and actually prove it. LEAVE US NO GROUNDTO STAND ON. That should be your approach if you Truly want this problem to go away.


        When they say you are wrong you should prove it 6 ways till sunday. Ram your evidence down their throat so to speek. This sitting back going "its true! Iza saws it!" obviously isnt getting you guys anywhere because you guys have been complaining about this "problem" since the dawn of gaming,.. tho each gamerelease it become a new thing... odd... very odd....


        But whatever man, you dont want to help prove the problem exists? you instead wish to sit there and make it seem like A: you CANT provide proof because you exagerating heavily so to show proof would prove you wrong B: Like you dont care, as such the problem must not be that dam bad if your unwilling to do anything about it.

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            Do you play mostly solo, or with the same clan members and/or friends all of the time? I have Fios 50/25 and was hating this game at first because when I played with my clan members I experienced the "marshmallow pro" effect on my gun...unload a clip of marshmallows into a guy and he'd turn and pop a real bullet into me and I'd die instantly. Enemies killing me seemingly before I turned a corner, or it just seemed like OMG they are everywhere but I cant see them until they kill me but yet they were right there in plain sight during the killcam. I went total cheesed!ck on my classes just to be able to break even with a target finder lmg and hold down an area or creep. But..BUUUT when I finally went solo for a while I had no problems 95% of the time playing what felt like a balanced match. Of course there were the occasional god matches and the unavoidable "wtf I cant do d!ck" matches. I was able to correlate which of my clan members affected my ability to play and simply avoid playing with them (there are 70+ guys in our clan) or else I cannot enjoy the game. Now I have a great time playing. I'm just throwing this out there that it isn't always YOUR issue causing the problem...it might be someone in your party.

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              Found this true as well. I set my status to appear offline to avoid invites for the time being and am running solo as the odds are better to find a decent room and it's easier to bounce when I don't vs. having a full group.


              Since DLC it has been far worse, both in the Rev playlist as well as Core- seems I am getting in more lobbies with yellow and even red dot players despite a good connection on my end. I believe it likely because not all have the DLC and my "best" selection is including more people that otherwise wouldn't be in my "ping" pool.


              Just a theory but regardless it has been even more terrible for me since the DLC.

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                rodsirloin wrote:


                PEOPLE HATE THE GAME BECAUSE... .



                No game ever released in the history of games has been perfect out of the box or indeed anywhere close to it. all games recieve patches (atleast from the developers who care. And YES treyarch does care. if they didnt you wouldnt get a patch. simple as that. they wouldnt even bother.



                Your opinion


                PATCHES THAT FALL WAY OFF THE MARK. Im going to assume you say this because they brought some glitches with them. This isnt that unusual in the gaming world. If this bugs you... find a different hobby. Trust me. Im a no lifer who suffers from chronic pain and does nothing but plays video games... Lots and lots of video games. This is nothing new.


                UI GLITCHES ON A NEW LEVEL -

                What User-interface (thats what I assume he means by UI) glitches are you talking about?



                yea... Ive been saying since MW2 to give my team host because we dont quit. Back in MW2 days and BO... and MW3... ... anways back then still had shittons of people rage quiting. You know how annoying it is to sit there as the enemy team leaves one by freakin one each one getting host on his way out? had one game 8 host migrations all from the opposing team rage quiting. That was back in MW2. Tell me... whats new?


                OVERALL DODGY

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                  Pell89 wrote:


                  It is a video game, played with imperfect internet connections across large geographic areas!

                  This can be said about each CoD, yet BOII and MW3 are the only ones I've ever had a problem with...especially BOII.  This excuse is invalid. If they made it work before, they can make it work again.


                  Pell89 wrote:


                  if you die 5 times in a row, SLOW DOWN.  Creep around the map until you get that rythm.

                  Slowing down doesn't help you kill people that can shoot you nearly a full second before they come around a corner in your screen.


                  Judging by your opinion, you don't experience the lag to either the same type, or degree that others do. Please don't offer opinions to people on a subject you have no experience with.

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                    For all you who play core and blame lag for everything I challenge you to play hc for one week and tell me it doesn't play a lot better.

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                      No.  They cant make it work again.  In my opinion, the one GREAT Call of Duty title was MW2 made by INFINITY WARD.

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                        I play HC on and off...I've not noticed any difference.

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                          I find that very hard to believe. I used to be just as frustrated as the lag boys till I discovered hc.

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