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    anyone find if theres a bank of some sort

      was up guys. Hope everyone is enjoying die rise so far as much as I'am.  So I have a question about the banking system on zombies. If this has been asked already i apologize ahead of time. So If anyone remembers when the trailer for tranzit(green run) came out, there was a guy playing who had over something like 10k points and it was under round 5.  So we were all like how is that possible? We'll we all found out that there was a banking system in tranzit.  Now let me get to the point.  What im tryna get at is that on the revolution dlc trialer, when the zombies footage came up, the guy playin was again in the low rounds but had over 60k points.  So some of us thought oh ok theres a bank in die rise. We'll i seen the whole map and still havent found any tyoe of banking system yet. Has anyone found out if there is a type of banking system or has anyone found it if indeed there is NO bank and tryarch just tried to play us like they did with PHd Flopper lol.