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    Couple ?s about die rise

      1) I have seen the nav card table built but I have yet to build it. What part and where are they located?

      2) where is the nav card?


      Everything else (so far) I am figuring out but these two got me stuck.


      Ps the wall guns in die rise are amazing. The sniper rifle papa was killing three zombies a shot in round 16. So glad we have a fun map to play again!

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          Re: Couple ?s about die rise

          the navcard table is exactly the same as the one from green run, and all the parts can be located on the rooftop, the table itsself is underneath the big metal walkway, just where you build it, i find the meteor by the claymores in the bins. the radio is where you walk up the stairs near the mp5 and its behind the staircase thing. and the power box thing is where the other elevator is where the box can spawn on the rooftop at the back on the wall.... i've only ever found these in these places and ive built it about 5 times now.


          to find the navcard, start in the spawn room, go through the double doors, buy the debris taking you down the escelator, and there will be a room where you buy the a submachine gun on the wall (cant remeber the name) and it is opposite the gun by the window on the floor...


          hope this helped.

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            Re: Couple ?s about die rise

            nav card is near the POW 50 or 57 forgot the name. so when u start the game. open the fist door.  next open the couch on the excalater. sorry for spelling. once you open the excalator go down but stick the the wall on your left. your going to see a window with some glass case shelves ( the ones like at a jewelry store) the die rise nav card is right there.


            As for the parts to build the table. Its all on the roof where the dragon is. 

            Plank- right next to where you build the table. its right on the floor cant miss it.

            Meteor- pass the claymores n its on the floor right side. you will see some trash n brown box.

            Radio- if your on the ramp where the dragon is comn down it not goin up. str8 ahead on the corner is the radio

            Fuse box- hope i explain this right so go up the ramp where the dragon is. hop down next to the cell tower with all the dishes on it. jump down where the semtex gernades are. fellow the path all the way down and jump down. theres a elavator and a door u can buy. its a dead end only way out is to hop on elevator so you will know if you are at the right place. well once you hop down there turn right and at the corner is the fuse box.


            FYI- all these parts spawn in the same location no matter how many times you try.


            hope this helps

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