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    Fun experience with the new Zombie map.

      Location: Die Rise.


      Equipment log: I have a HAMR, The Krauss Refribrilator and Galva Knuckles.
      Perks consisted of Juggernog and most of the persistent perks from TranZit.


      Tension in the air around us, so thick it's almost palpable.. It all started with a group of four.


      Benny hasn't seen his wife and kids in months. All he has left is a partially destroyed family picture to remind him of what life he knows he'll probably never get back to.

      We lost the rookie down below- he didn't stand a chance against that hoarde. They had him pinned before he even had the chance to react. Christ, he was just a damn kid..

      Brian didn't make the jump across the pillar to the second 'scraper. I could see the terror in his eyes as he fell, but it's odd. It almost seemed as though he was at peace. I must be wrong, though, because I still can't get his scream out of my head.


      So it's down to us. Just Benny and me. We weren't going down without a fight, however futile it was.

      We slaughter our way up to the roof. Blood. All I can see is blood. It's everywhere. Was I bitten? It doesn't matter now. Nothing matters now..


      We hold up for a short while, clinging to what little hope we had left. The barrier broke loose, we start getting overrun. We make our way to the elevator on the corner of the building. We see an opening; a small drop to the floor below.. Can we make it? No- those blood suckers already swarmed it.

      I see an opening. I grab Benny and we jump down the elevator shaft and land safely. Will it take us to the floor below? All the way to the bottom? Anywhere was safer than up there. It's a God damned massacre. We wait to see where we'll end up..


      There's that tension again.. "..Benny, what's wrong?"

      I saw the look on his face. I didn't have to ask again.
      I knew exactly what was wrong..


      The elevator went up and crushed us against the ceiling like a bug on a windshield.
      A peaceful way to go, when given the choice..