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    Your random deaths....caused by random stuff at home.

      Since I had so many of these incidents recently I thought I would post them.  They've always been an issue so I thought it would be funny bring it up.  What are some things that happen at home while you're gaming that get you killed?


      Here's my list:


      1.  Wife walks in front of my TV in the middle of a gunfight.


      2.  My cat decides to stand up, grab the Wii remote, and sniff the end of it which blocks it from the sensor bar. (happens more than you would think...)


      3.  My bulldog decides to walk up and just sit in front of me with her head right in front of the controller and refuses to move until I push her out of the way.  Trying to aim around her is just too awkward


      4.  My Dachsund (weiner dog!) decides to jump, bite the nunchuck wire, and start pulling.  (I try to use a wireless nunchuck as often as possible to avoid this.  Which leads to an issue with number 5...)


      5.  My bulldog decides to just run up, jump in my lap, and start licking my face relentlessly.  This happens when using the wireless nunchuck so both it and the wii remote are strapped to my wrists and the bulldog is between my arms and pressing with her hind legs into my face.  For some reason I always try to push her off without dropping the controllers because I'm using the straps.  I don't know why but my natural instict is to hold on to them which makes removing the dog very difficult.  (this also happens way too often).


      6.   This one obviously doesn't kill me but I felt bad when it happened.   Quit the match when I need to use the bathroom and not knowing I'm the host.  (this was more of a problem in MW3 cause there was no host migration)


      Added:  7.  Wii remote batteries dying.  I use lithium ion rechargeables.  If the battery inidcator is at halfway I keep a spare battery at my feet for a quick change.  Half the time this gets me killed.  The other half I'm lucky and no one runs around the corner to kill me.  One guy actually left me alone for some reason. He came up, shot my guy once.  Stood there for a second, and then went on.  I guess he knew I wasn't playing at the moment.  Only happened once but I appreciated it.


      Edit:  8. Had to add this one.  Wireless nunchuck batteries dying.  My figers are too big to get the batteries out.  I need a very small screwdriver to pry them loose.  So they go dead I'm stuck in the middle of Standoff in front of the statue.  Not good.  Died one more time as I was scrambling around the house for the screwdriver.


      So what about all of y'all?  What things happen at home that get you killed?