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    Domination Clan Challenge

      Tonight is most captures at the game mode Domination, what I wanna know is, how do you guys approach it?


      The golden rule with DOM for me is avoid the triple cap, play and hold 2 flags for the duration and you win, pretty simple right?


      But when they introduce most captures, do you triple cap? Do you play to deliberately lose flags to try and regain them?


      Heres a game from last week where myself and some clan mates took part in the challenge.


      If your stuck for ideas the gameplay below should show you a succesful way to push for the caps while maintaining a simple win and a good KD to boot.




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          Re: Domination Clan Challenge

          If the challenge is to cap flags then that's what I'm doing.  The enemy will get triple capped but generally I try to stage it so that my team is not spread all over the map when I do it so that the spawns will remain predictable.


          PS:  If you don't have a secondary and you want to pick a gun up off of the ground you don't need to switch to your combat knife before doing so.  You can just pick it up and you'll still have your original primary.  Nice gameplay.

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              Re: Domination Clan Challenge

              Glad you enjoyed the gameplay.


              I laughed at ur combat knife comment, I'm always changing my classes and I can never remember if I have a secondary equipped or not, so as a habit I change to my secondary (in this case combat knife) to pick up a weapon, just incase I give up my primary by accident! O_o

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              Re: Domination Clan Challenge

              Normally Triple Capping is not a great strategy because it flips the spawn and you will sometimes lose 2 flags quickly - but during the Clan Challenge I don't mind losing flags because it gives me the chance to Cap them again - Since the Challenge is based on Caps and not wins - it will lead to more points for your Clan.

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