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    Season Pass Question - Help Appreciated!

      Right, first off, sorry if this has been asked but I'm new to these forums and not really good at finding anything (I noticed there's a search box at the top but will probably still not find me what I want 'cause I'm a noob )


      So what I wanted to know is: if I buy the season pass on one account of my PS3 do I get the map packs and Nuketown Zombies on the other accounts as well? (Since I have other people who play on the console).


      Thanks in advance for any possible answers.


      P.S. Also there seems to be a mistake, it is supposed to cost 49.99$ and it should be less in euros, but it's 51.49€ so it'll force people to buy 2 PSN Cards (those who do not want to use their credit card) and waste money. Just thought I'd throw this out there as well.

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