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    global facism emblems, clantags, nicknames and no ban.

      dear community and treyarch/activision,


      today here in germany (live), the german bundestag commemorates the nazi domination 1933. i have a short but important question. why there are so many facism emblems, nazi clantags + nazi nicknames also in call of duty black ops 2? i like the game, but for now - i see daily nazis arround. i've reported so many profiles and emblems like others, but there are so many left without ban. why?



      lets stay together, ban this type of accounts with a lifetime ban, no excuses - just do it please. voicemessages/textmessages are sent to microsoft too. so please lets kick that bunch of nazis out of the sol system. feel free to sticky this, i know there are more people against this facism gamer.


      I've done the same for steam, but steam won't block, ban or kick communitys, sites, and members with facism background. this is a global shame. so treyarch, it's on yours. Thx.


      kind regards RSix

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