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        40. Re: Campers

        Canada East Coast, mate. Toronto to be exact.

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          41. Re: Campers

          I am so glad someone has FINALLY started a topic about campers and how much they hate them.

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              43. Re: Campers

              I get a kick out of those who complain about camping in Objective modes like Domination.  They just keep running right into them instead of changing their routine.  A good team is those is usually a mix of camping defenders and runners to keep the other team on their heels.  The runners keep them under fire near their spawn point and the campers take down those who somehow make it through.  I'm more of a defender, I live in BFE(lag) and I'm older so I don't have lighting fast reflexes and lose 80% of head-on confrontations.  If I run-and-gun I end up 3 and 13, if I play to my skill set I go 13 and 3.  I'm patient and disiplined and save a lot of matches for my team which are impatient and determined to get a triple-cap.  The only campers I get tired of are the ones who will sit in a corner away from any objective and wait for someone to run through a doorway.  They get a kill but aren't doing anything to help the team win.

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                44. Re: Campers

                There are campers in every fps game.  Camping is realistic, it prevents you from dying in real life.  Camping is good if you know how to camp, and not stay in the same spot for too long.


                There are a few incidences i've seen in this game where you can get out of control with camping tho.  There are some class setups where you can camp in small areas with 1 or 2 entrances with a shield and shotgun with guardian and turret scorestreaks.

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                  45. Re: Campers

                  Yes everyone should run around at full speed and anyone who stops for any amount of time should instantly die.  Anyone that uses a sniper rifle the way it should be should instantly die. People using target finders should have giant arrows over their heads to make it fair.


                  BECAUSE THATS HOW I WANT IT MOMMY!  This isnt supposed to be like war where bullets hurt you.  This is supposed to be endless running around with no tactical thought whatsoever like PacMan.

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                    46. Re: Campers

                    I think the next DLC map packs should include a blank landscape. Just a continuous flat landscape with no buildings, no rocks, nothing. That would show those pesky campers.

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                      Absolute class

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                        Just played a DOM on nuke town the whole enemy team where campers. best part was we kept killing most of them so they weren't very good campers

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                          49. Re: Campers

                          personally i think camping is only acceptable when your going for the bloodthirtys to get gold but theres no point raging at people for it sure you might not like it but the best way to annoy the campers is to shoot them and camp in there own spot

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