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        30. Re: Campers

        To be fair I dont. I play the classic modes as I always have done since cod3. What I said is true of my experiance, though. And the ones I am talking about are easy to kill


        The truly awful players are usually the ones running around with a shotgun

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          31. Re: Campers

          lol dont you just love the shottys and pistols in this game one uses it after 3 mins the whole lobby are useing them now they are the fun lobbys to play in so fast and frustrateing makes the game feel alive lol

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            32. Re: Campers

            Hide and/or take K/D out of the game, and the campers will disappear.

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              33. Re: Campers

              erm..I love pissing all over shotgun,pistol and QS users, yes

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                34. Re: Campers

                You could setup an "anti-camper" class and go hunt them down!


                Your name could be legend in the camping circles... like the boogie man!

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                  35. Re: Campers

                  I cant say that I like campers, but I can't fault them either.


                  It's tempting because of the issues you run into when being a rusher.   See a guy?  Dead 200 milliseconds later.

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                    36. Re: Campers

                    lastrich wrote:


                    then you dont play in the high skill set lobbys i do mate they always 3 to 4 kd possitive per match

                    First, I mean this with no disrespect and appreciate your contributions to the forum however from my experience they may go 4 K/D but that is somewhere along the lines of 8-2 (I don't like facing stationary player as it's boring but I REALLY hate playing WITH them).


                    That doesn't do anything for me and I'd much rather have a teammate that went 16-10 and got us closer to the win and help control the map and tempo.


                    I played last night, TDM, with some randoms on Slum. We won due to time. I was the only one controlling the fountain/choke points. 2 of our team spawned and "controlled" the spawn area. 3 "controlled" the trash bin area waiting for people to run through their sights (we spawned at A). Luckily the other team was somewhat lazy also.


                    They all simply sat there waiting for the game to come to them, I was mid 20 kills with 3 K/D and they were all low single digits, some negative as people were slipping by me. It was a blast. Wait, no it was not (I actually considered the round a throwaway and waste of my time; no excitement and I literally would have preferred a loss with a hard fought round that an anemic win).


                    If a "camper" puts up big numbers, it's because he/she is facing idiots IMHO.

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                      37. Re: Campers

                      I can assure you that there are a lot of idiots in this game. I went 29-2 on Yemen with pure camping 98% of the match and I once went 48-5 with a mixture of camping and run and gunning on Hijacked. Both games were Core TDM.

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                        38. Re: Campers

                        Less annoying than PDW dropshotting rushers with Ghost imo.

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                          39. Re: Campers

                          Too funny... good rounds to you as well. You have honed your craft into an art and it's just a shame that I haven't run into more with your skillset.


                          Although I would still prefer the excitement of a rushing playstyle, I wouldn't be annoyed at teammates that are less aggressive if they could pull their weight and then some.


                          In passing, where are you? States, central, west, east?

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