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    Problems in core.  Have you tried HC?

           I'm a converted HC player.  I've never played HC much in the past.  I tried it in MW3, but it was a campfest.  TDM people didn't move from thier spawns, and in KC, you had a FEW players getting tags, but with no personal reward for getting tags, the selfish KD concerned player camped it up.


           I have no luck in core mode on BO2, AT ALL.  Every match it's emptying full clips into people for them to shoot you with what appears to be a single bullet.  Guys shooting out of their backs.  Coming behind 3 guys, and only being able to kill one without a reload.  So I tried HC with a few friends that are HC only players, and I gotta say, I'm sold.


           HC in this game is about the same level of campiness as core is.  Even if you are lagging, if you get someone from behind, you can still get the kill.  There is no mini map full time, so you aren't forced into using a suppressor or extended mags.  They are helpful attachments, but not needed to have success.  The team killing thing sucks, but overall it's a more enjoyable experience.


           Anyone having issues in core, give HC a try.