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        CowboySr wrote:


        Its called "putting it into perspective", which means that  you dont hear people crying about their 10$ hamburgers so why cry about  DLC when its been the same price for  like 6 years? Not to mention its almost a 2gb DL which to my recollection may be the biggest file/content ever.


        I think I "put it into perspective" quite well when I compared the price to other games (ie. the same media), rather than comparing it to what seems like an expensive meal.


        Also, I think you missed my point entirely with the $10 McDonalds burger. I was saying that if something famously worth $1 was sold for $10, there would be outrage. How much was your CoD worth retail? And how many campaigns, maps, guns and modes were in it? Now how many multiplayer maps are they selling you for $15? That's how you work out relative value (or "use perspective").


        You're correct about the consistency. The DLC has been overpriced for 6 years, which is why I haven't bought any for 6 years. I'm not bothered if you guys buy it, you've already proven Activision can make as much money out of it as they want. I probably wouldn't buy it myself if it was 400 MSP, I just don't like to see other developers jumping on the bandwagon trying to overprice their DLC too and even cutting sections out of games so they can sell it as DLC later. Think about the bigger picture and you have yet more "perspective".


        Also, 2gb is the file size limit for DLC on Xbox. That doesn't mean it has the most content in it of any DLC ever, it could simply be inefficiently optimized or compressed. DLC for GTA IV (released soon after COD4) was 1600 MSP on release, they were both about 1.5gb each and contained basically a whole new GTA game (SP and MP) in the same city as IV. Blue Dragon and LA Noire came on 3 discs, does that mean they're worth 3 CoD games?


        It's not "crying", it's providing a valid discussion on DLC pricing. What's your point again? That as long as you can still afford to eat after your purchase and that it takes as much HD space as possible then it's reasonable...

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          4000 MS for a years worth of playtime is fine with me.

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            starbuckfrack wrote:


            maccabi wrote:


            Killman360 wrote:


            So because I am on a limited income, that means I cannot spend a bit of money on a hobby, or entertainment? I don't many game at all anymore because of finances. That isn't Treyarch's problem, but do they really expect me to pay the price of a game on Xbox live for such a small amount of content for a game I already payed $60 for?


            I am getting such a strong elitism vibe from quite a few of these replies.

            sign up to xblrewards you get free mspoints every month for doing surveys and points for using xbox stuff in general , theres loads of people doing giveaways for dlc codes, season pass codes ms points on twitter.. theres another option.,


            but with the uupmost of respect here income is immaterial if you don't think the dlc represents value for money dont buy it.

            Dont forget you can get Bing Points as well. Enough to buy each map pack in 12 weeks of easy surfing.

            this is true forgot about bing mainly as we dont get the offer here in euroland, but between that and xblrewards its never been easier to aquire mspoints for free.

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              maccabi wrote:


              this is true forgot about bing mainly as we dont get the offer here in euroland, but between that and xblrewards its never been easier to aquire mspoints for free.

              I mentioned that two months ago and forgot you told me that

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                NoLifeKing29 wrote:


                4000 MS for a years worth of playtime is fine with me.

                Actually a LOT longer since this one has Combat Training.

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                  Shame you can't afford it man, I think it's really good! Don't forget the new Zombies stuff in it too!


                  The maps themselves are gorgeous, it's clear a heck of a lot of time and talent has gone into them, the new gun is a beast and a lot of fun, equally the zombies map and mode they have added.


                  $15 might be a bit steep but for the hours of game time and fun I'm going to get out of it, the price probably works out about $1 and hour maybe less, I can't really complain at that... I've always wondered if a cheaper pricing plan would pay off better with more sales in the long run but I expect more than simple greed is what defines the price of the DLC packs.

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                    starbuckfrack wrote:


                    Killman360 wrote:


                    Map packs for COD4 and WaW were $10. Then the overhyped piece of garbage MW2 came out, then they started the $15 trend. What is next, $20? $25? You may think it is not possible, but Activison knows that society is filled with idiotic drones who will get anything related to COD, so it could happen.

                    Its called inflation.


                    So you dont buy anything else out there that went up in prcie , like food ?


                    I don't think the US Dollar has been weakened with inflation as much as the price suggests but I'd rather spend the money on map packs on COD than go to the cinema usually, since I can watch a disappointing film.  Was going to watch Knowing in the cinema.  Glad I never bothered.  Certainly beats watching a football team for £40 for 90 minutes....

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                      People really will moan about anything nowadays;


                      Waw had 3 maps and a zombies map, this map pack had 4 maps, a zombies map, a weapon and a new game mode; I'd say that justifies what amounts to £2.50 extra to pay.


                      As i say everytime this comes up, you have no obligation to buy the map pack, so if you don't like paying what amounts to a train ticket in price then don't buy it, end of.

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                        Independent and intelligent thought is frowned upon here. Either get in circle jerk formation with the rest of the fanboys or gtfo lol.


                        All kidding aside, you have spoken your point eloquently. 90% of these people refuse to see reason and logic. So understand that they won't understand and you will be ok.

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                          It all comes down to wording if the OP had began with "there just isnt $15 worth of value in this for me" vs. "OMG THIS IS OVERPRICED AND THEY HIKED UP THE PRICE (which they did not)" my overall approach would have been different...also the fact that he came back so angrily when folks simply said "Then don't buy it" undoubtably had a negative effect on my attitude.  If you are going to post first base your claims in reality and no the sale or reduced price of WaW does not count to prove your point. 


                          Then to the guy that tried to say that talking about Food vs. Game is an unfair comparrison.  Dismissing the comparison outright doesn't make it less valid.  We are comparing amount of money vs. value over time.  $10 for low quality meal lasts 1/4 of a day.  on the other hand $15 for over 1/4 of original MP content (From a $60 dollar game) over around 10 months (Before the next game comes out). 

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