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    Hardpoint. How do you play it?

      People seem to think that you need to be in the hardpoint to win. This is true but only one of your team needs to be in it.  How do you play it?. Sit in the hardpoint and defend or patrol the hardpoint and kill the attackers? I like to patrol the hardpoint, just works better for me. This is exactly what i mean 68/4 solo hardpoint gameplay


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          I like to stay on it as much as possible and get kills while doing so. It's a great way for kill streaks and after one set of VSat/dog/swarm the game is a lot easier to win ^~^

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            How to play it: Control the spawns. Hardpoint is all about the spawns. Make the enemy spawn across the map while your team spawns next to it. Also move to the next hardpoint with 20/30 seconds left on the current one. that way the enemy has no way to come back.

            I only play it in league play so I'm talking about 4v4. You wanna have 1, max 2 people inside the hardpoint. 1 person patrolling around it (this guy is the first to move to the next hardpoint with 20 seconds left) and 1 guy anchoring. Anchoring is basically holding the spawns. Example: On the 2nd hardpoint on Slums, which is all the way in the back of 1 side- you'll probably know what I mean ;-p- the anchor should sit behind the wall looking at the street. That way his teammates will spawn directly next to him when they die, so the only way the enemy can take control of the HP is by killing the anchor. Who is behind a headglitch with an M8 (or other assault rifle of your choice, I prefer the M8 and so do the pros...) so that's pretty difficult against good players.

            I'm not a hardpoint king but I'm pretty good at anchoring, when I play solo league it can get pretty frustrating with teammates refusing to get on the HP even though they get good spawns all the time


            Hope this helps your hardpoint game. All about the good spawn!

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              SMGs, tac insert, c4s, guardians, sentries,  & UAVs = winning!

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                I like playing hardpoint in multi team.  In a good game you can have 20 captures and 20+ defends.  I am always in the hardpoint, just like how I am on every objective.


                Hardpoint in 6 vs 6 is extremely boring because no one can make it to the hardpoint and that is where I am at.  I also like to just cap it out and go on the the next game, but people never want to do that.


                Hardpoint is the hardest game to lose because you know where each hardpoint is, so you can prepare the spawns for the next one.  I have gotten so many losses in hardpoint from the host pulling the plug that it is ridiculous.  If you are winning the game and the host pulls the plug you should get a win and the losing team should get a loss.

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                  Often times when I'm playing it solo, my team seems to not be able to keep the Hardpoint under control long enough. So when this happens, I put on my Cold Blooded + Scavenger + Tactical Mask and Flash Bangs and find a hiding spot within the Hardpoint and hold onto a Flashbang while laying down in it facing the ground to keep the enemy from getting points while my teammates get to it and gun them down. 8 times out of 10, it takes them at least 15 seconds to find me if ever and if it's taking my teammates too long to get to the spot, I throw out the Flash Bangs and then knife everyone in sight then find a different hiding spot (If any).


                  It doesn't net me a high SPM like the others in the lobby running/gunning the entire match, but my team almost always wins when I do this. The most wins I've ever had in a row on Hardpoint is 31, all from using this strategy if needed.

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                    Don't really play hard point much, pity it isn't a clan challenge! I'd play it more if it was.


                    In the past I've mixed my playstyles up, If I can get the the HP first I will give it a go, and try and hold the area till team mates come and support! On the flip side, if i don't make it their first, I like to do a "spank" and hover around taking advantage of attacking enemies who don't expect me to be where I am!