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    Latest patch REALLY screwed up Wiimote for me

      Target Assist            Disabled

      Turn while offscreen   Enabled

      Camera Lock            Disabled


      Camera Speed and sensitivity settings set to max

      No dead zone from the hip


      So before the patch I was able to control the camera nice and smoothly with small wrist twisting. After the patch what happens is when I'm turning the camera, the view seems to 'pull' towards the zombies.. like another aim assist toggle had been enabled. This isn't an easy thing to describe, but before the patch if I held the wiimote at an angle pitched to the left or right, the camera would spin at a consistant speed. What happens now is when I try to hold that camera spin, (holding my hand at an angle completely still) when the curser gets in a 'range' of a zombie, the camera will SLOW DOWN BY ITSELF!


      I. HATE. THIS.


      There are zombies friggin everywhere, so it's always going to be messing with my view/aim. What used to be beautifully fluid () is now a jerky mess where it feels like I'm actually fighting that aim assistance. Treyarch, if you're going to keep adding stuff where it's going to aim for you, you need to include new options to disable that.




      EDIT Update: This seems to be a problem specific only to Zombies where Target assist cannot be disabled no matter the setting.