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    Where are all the positive players?

      Nearly every lobby I'm in (HCKC/TDM) the majority of players have a minus K/D, or are just scraping positive. Typically the highest positive I tend to see is around the 1.25/1.30 mark.


      Now I know for every death, there is a kill, excluding mistakes being made. So there must be a bunch or players out there with awesome K/Ds, where are they all? My TDM SPM & K/D are 255 & 1.61, and I'm usually top of the lobby or at least in the top 3, and I don't think those stats are amazing.


      Is this skill based matchmaking at work?

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          I don't think skill based matchmaking exists.


          I was in a lobby today for Core/TDM and the lowest person on the lobby leaderboard was 95 SPM with a .65 K/D and the top player on the leader board had a SPM of 350 and a K/D 3.4


          So that tells me skill based matchmaking does not exist.

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            No one really knows how skill based matchmaking works but I think it has alot to do with SPM. I have a 501 spm and usually get paired with high 300-450 spm players. I don't think kd plays alot of it because someone could have a 4kd but all they do is camp so end up going say 10-2 the entire game or something. I usually get paired with 1.7kd players though with high spm compared to my 2.7kd and 500spm.

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              There is 100's of 1000's of players-most of them are ****-only a few hundred can hold a 2 K/D ratio without dashing...do the maths and work out how often you will meet them...


              Plus your connection might not like their connection and you will never be paired with them.

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                Busy with dashboarding and restarting the game.

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                  LOL so very true!!!!

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                    Gotta remember too when the game launched the connection wasn't the best for alot of people(myself included) but most all of us grit our teeth and kept playing going negative and nothing we could do about it b/c we were being 1 shotted(to us, but obviously kill cam told a different story) by PDWs and then they fixed the game(for the most part) so we're slowly raising our K/D up to where it should be. I'm sitting at a semi low K/D(still above a 1 though) right now but if I wanted to reset my stats I would very easily be in the high 1s to mid 2s, but I don't want to lose PM, diamond ARs and SMGs,and 31k+ kills.

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                      Typical! Only crap players say things like that!


                      I held 4.85 kd and around 320 SPM on BO and now hold 2.37 on this game (the difference being killstreaks are harder to obtain) but hit weekly ratios of 3 and above. I dont camp or dashboard!!!! All the good players on my friends list dont camp or dashoard either, yet nearly every game, we get messages from players in the lobby calling us cheats/campers when clearly we were all over the map having them off.


                      I can only remember about 3 players since cod3 actually sending a message to say 'nice game' or something like that. If players are good, you, like most people, cant except it

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                        True that, saw a guy with a 5.24 K/D, but awful SPM and W/L. Sure enough towards the end of the game (which he spent lying in a room aiming at a door) he dashboards as it hasn't gone his way. Sent him a message and got one back saying 'u jealous', to which I explained that anyone can camp and dashboard for a high K/D and that SPM and W/L are better indicators of a players skill. Didn't hear back from him.

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                          I've generally had a decent connection, first week was near unplayable and after that I just get the odd match where I'm clearly behind the enemy team or people are rubber banding. My TDM and overall K/D had been climbing steadily until I decided to go for diamond specials. That fu*king shield...


                          I've just got back to pre shield levels and going up again now.


                          I could reset and have mic better stats but I'm not giving up my weapons mastery!

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