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    What are the Devs going to do to curb the DLC issues of MW3

      I'd like to thank Eye_Gore for inspiring this thread and I feel its an important matter that needs to be addressed.



      In MW3 a bunch of people were on board for the first DLC drop. All those that purchased the ELITE subscription were eager to download the new map packs. However, it seemed that it wasn't enough. The DLC drop segregated the community to just a couple thousand people per playlist and the matches were awful.
      When the next DLC drop occurred many were fed up at this point and didn't download the maps. This led to an a nasty mess in terms of who had what DLC:
      No DLC
      First DLC
      Second DLC
      First and Second DLC


      By now we have the most segregated community imaginable and it's only set to get worse with each succeeding drop. The match making is Hell bound and people are getting annoyed and not buying or downloading the maps. In an effort to inspire players (for more than greedy reasons, matchmaking needs balanced) IW dropped the price of the maps. By doing this though those who purchased the discounted prepaid for of the maps ended up paying $5 more in the end because of the sale



      The maps aren't playable because there's not enough people buying them, DLC is getting turned off. The loyal consumers got backhanded by the map sale so they actually paid more for the maps than those who paid "at the door" and even the normal playlists are segregated because of how the DLC is laid out



      Some other issues were actually finding the maps in the PS Store. I found that searching for Call of Duty MW3 brought the maps up out of order. The wording for the DLC packs were confusing and not all the DLC downloads were map packs but product keys and so forth.



      So what can be done to help mitigate this issue