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    A Happy Place

      Well this is a thread for people who like the game.


      What i want is people to come here and say what they like about it, Favourate maps, set-ups, game modes and anything else they like.


      Lets have a happy thread for once.



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          Re: A Happy Place

          So i make a thread for people to come here and say what they like about the game, and nothing.

          Make one about complaining and theres loads of reply's.


          Come on people there must be some appreciation on these forums, or is that wishful thinking

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            Re: A Happy Place

            I'll play!


                 I like the weapon balance in the game.  I think they did a good job here.  Everything has a weakness to go with it's stregnths.  The Skorpion will tear you up in close, but get a little seperation and you win.


                 I love the pick 10 system.  Like 2 perk1?  Go for it man! 


                 Not sure I LOVE any map, but only ones I hate are aftermath and carrier.  I prefer to run around the map and not get sniped from every angle.  I realize it's my fault I'm being killed by snipers over and over, before anyone flames.  I guess if I had to pick a favorite map, I'd lean toward standoff or yemen.


                 Overall, I enjoy the game, but connection issues can change an opinion pretty quickly.

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              Re: A Happy Place

              There is alot to like in this game Pick 10 is nice because it allows alot of freedom, I like the scorestreak system because it rewards objective play, the AN-94 is an awesome weapon (I have maintained close to a 2 KDR for over 2000 kills), Ballista with iron sights is fun to use, no deathstreaks, no second chance.

              Edit: I also really like the nerf to ghost 3arc made.

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                Re: A Happy Place

                A happy place???  On a beach surrounded by naked women serving me ice cold Stoli vodka....


                Oh sorry you meant the game....


                I like it, far better than the two titles before...


                Pick 10 system is good, bonuses for prestiging weapons, no consistant lag(like the previous two titles)



                Overall, very enjoyable most of the time....

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                    Re: A Happy Place

                         Funny you mention BO and MW3.  This game is a laggy mess at times, but those 2 were a mess all the time.  I think it's just affecting more people this time around.  People that never saw lag issues in MW3 or BO1.  The very last DLC for MW3 was the only decent one.  Should've been the first one.

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                    Re: A Happy Place

                    Good idea,


                    Favorite aspect of this game is the competitive nature of it, and outwitting my opponents. Everything else is a tool to use to accomplish above said statement.

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                      Re: A Happy Place

                      I like Pick 10.

                      I like the Emblem Creator.


                      Everything else is generally sub-par to BO1, which was my favourite since CoD4 [MW1].


                      I like BO2.

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                        Re: A Happy Place

                        I like the Pick 10 and I like that KC is now 100pts

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                          Re: A Happy Place

                          this is the first COD where i've gotten real heavy into MP.  bo1 & mw3 were good games for what they were and mw3 had an excellent campaign.  BO1 MP i played when i could, MW3 MP i absolutley could not stay alive!  I was always getting juiced for dying so much only to run quicker to my next death? HAHA!


                          bo2 on the other hand....i love it!  I've barely had any connection issues and lag to how much time i've put in playing which is right at 2 days worth (compared to some i know is not much).  I've been able to play with friends quite a bit and i'm probly about to purchase a headset.  My wife isn't happy with me right now, but she'll have to understand! lol


                          Maps = Standoff, Slums, & Hijacked are my favs, but i seem to do well on every map or atleast go positive with my K/D most of the time


                          Guns = EVO, FAL, M27, & Ballistic Knives/battle axe combo


                          Perks = hardline, fast hands, toughness, scav, dex, ext. cond.


                          Lethal = C4 hands down


                          Tac = Tac insert ( i love this thing, keeps me right in the action!), & flashes; sometimes i may run with blackhats


                          Game modes = TDM, HCTDM, KC, DOM, & Hardpoint


                          This past weekend i nearly prestiged in 5 hours worth of gameplay with double XP!  I've been having a great time with this game on every level and the only thing i would like to change.....

                          is how much i'm able to play it! lol


                          Good thread!


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                            Re: A Happy Place

                            The things I like more about this game than any other CoD I've played:


                            • The Pick 10 system is a huge improvement over class setups in the past.
                            • The weapons are far more balanced than they've ever been before.
                            • The number & scope of challenges makes for a much longer game life and encourages more experimentation in class setup.
                            • "Mute all except party".
                            • The number of potential unlocks vs. number of tokens earned finally gives players a real reason to prestige.
                            • Adding one permanent unlock per prestige level makes prestiging less of a pain than in past games.
                            • Maps are much more colorful and enjoyable to look at (mostly).
                            • Keeping Kill Confirmed and adding Hardpoint game modes gives the player more variety.
                            • The scorestreak system still needs some adjusting, but already provides much more incentive toward objective gameplay.


                            I've never once complained about this game in concept: it's beautifully thought out.

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                              Re: A Happy Place

                              I luv running with lightweight and B23r, dolphin diving and talking smack.


                              getting in a match with randoms on my team and up against a clan and killing their top players.


                              planting and defusing the bomb in demo.


                              yelling into the mic after i die.


                              talking smack and getting a clan to rage quit.


                              hearing people yell in their mic after I kill them after I dolphin dive and killing them mid air.


                              Making fun of them in the lobby and laughing at both of us and take the insults hurlded at me.

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                                Re: A Happy Place

                                Good stuff guys, nice to see people enjoying it,


                                Come on there must be more of you.

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                                  Re: A Happy Place

                                  Fine i guess I'm the only one that likes this.. the return of Iron Sights to a sniper.




                                  WHERE IS WAR AT 3ARC? Y U NEVER BRING IT BACK!?

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                                    Re: A Happy Place

                                    Hey guys i was just wondering if i was to start a website that showed the spawns and the good ways to rush if you would be willing to hgelp support me by offering a little money to help aid things along.

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                                      Re: A Happy Place

                                      Pick 10, scorestreak. Nothing else

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                                        Re: A Happy Place

                                        I like the smg class doesnt matter what one.Id have to say fav map is hard theres a lot I like least fav overflow.Not sure why just not one my favs lol.I like laser and fmj on my weapons.Perks would be all stock but scavanger.I thing they have done a great job with bo2 and look forward to the dlc thinking of getting season pass.back up weapon rpg .

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                                          Re: A Happy Place

                                          well i think most of us visit this Forum Must like the game.......or we would not be here to start with........people just get Pissed and blow off some stream here ......I understand some people who buy the game may hate it...but to keep playing it after they see they dont like it .is kinda like giving yourself a blackeye ......i paid for Battlefeild 3 .....i liked the campain mode........but hated multiplayer.....so it is now on the shelf...


                                          I like the pick 10 system

                                          I like the way the challenges are setup

                                          I like scorestreaks vs killstreaks

                                          I Love the MUTE all button LOL

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                                            Re: A Happy Place

                                            pick 10 system.

                                            mute option.

                                            spectator mode.

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                                              Re: A Happy Place

                                              The "mute all except party" feature single handedly improved this game more then any other single feature.  When I dont have to listen to others degrade or whine it is a VERY good day!  I just pray future studios making COD take the hint and keep this game changing feature

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                                                Re: A Happy Place

                                                     Another thing I really dug was the camo unlock system in this.  I'm an old school RPGer, so I like things in games that are hard and take a long time to obtain. 

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                                                  Re: A Happy Place

                                                  i also like how when you're in a lobby you can just pan right and it's almost like scrolling to another page, everything is enlarged and you can view everyone's player cards and records much much easier.  Great feature!!


                                                  I also like how you don't have to have a sentry gun air dropped in

                                                  I like that sentries stick around longer in the game if no one destroys it allowing for more kills

                                                  thank you 3arc for taking away knifing sentries

                                                  the challenges are definitely what they're supposed to be and very rewarding when acheived.

                                                  really enjoy hardpoint and the score system in KC

                                                  thank you 3arc for allowing scorestreaks to stick around until fully utilized!  can't tell you how many times i earned a death machine or got a great killstreak...deployed it...then get killed within seconds only to have it gone bye bye WTF!!  sooooo mad haha

                                                  no ghost pro!!  I'M HAPPY!!

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                                                    Re: A Happy Place

                                                    Mute All...

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