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    I think I died and went to Heaven.

      The patch yesterday .10 had to do with the peacekeeper and DLC BUT it had an amazing side effect for me.


      Every lobby I got into was solid 4 bar connection, no lag, only had 1 laggy lobby during 6 hours of playing but that lobby had a 1 bar-2 bar player in it. Normally 50% of my games are 3 bar connections and 50% 4 bar, with 80% of the games being laggy.


      I dont know why this has happened. Maybe it was the reduced player base in TDM as people were playing the new maps instead. I also seemed to finally get matched up with people in my country, as normally I'm always matched with people a few countries away. I.E. I live in Ireland and normal lobbies are made up of german, french, italians, and spanish. Last night I kept getting Irish and UK players.


      I dont really care what happened but whatever it was, Thank You!