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    zombie stats got reset ealier today when they were "fixing" some issue

      We were playing in die rise live cut out and viola went from blue eyes back to 1 bone square one and all the stats were reset. It happened to other people as well. this is very upsetting. We now have imbicles claiming we re newbs and refuse to play zombies. Some people are so ignorant. We have the hardened edition pre ordered and the season pass as well as evey map for w@w and black ops 1. We een went through 3 xboxes strictly for nazi zombies. We want all our stats not just some backup we put alot of hours and money into this. I have been dealing with this issue for about 8 hours and do not look forward to having to wake up to the same problem. this is so not cool. Were is the Replacer when we need him?

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