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        10. Re: Campers

        I disagree I like campers. Just suit up with a flat jacket and my Remington and just dive in there blasting.  Usually get a double kill. Or better yet getting that lone camper with a backstage is even better.  I don't always get Em but isn't the object to beat Em at their game?  I also make sure to run by all camp spots and shoot anyone trying to kill the campers on my team right in the back.

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          11. Re: Campers

          why is it that run and gun is the only acceptable way to play in this game thats all you hear people crying about run and gun this run and gun that if people want to camp let them get on with it.

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            12. Re: Campers

            I dont mind campers. Corner campers are irritating though, but what can you do?

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              13. Re: Campers

              Just cause someone has an area on lockdown and is using tactics doesn't mean its bad gameplay. What's next, u gonna blame ur deaths on lag? It's so funny to see ppl cry about how they die. Man up and learn how to play the game. If all u can do is kill the easy target runners then u need to trade in your game or learn tactics.

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                14. Re: Campers

                That would be aso awesome. Or even a VTK.

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                  15. Re: Campers

                  Optimusbanana93 wrote:


                  The amount of campers in COD is bullshit.

                  I'm sick of getting stuck in games with people who are to scared to run around the map so instead they hide in the corner and ruin the all the matches.

                  What is the point of camping how is it fun? It just proves your to scared to move around the map.

                  My question to these types of threads is:


                  Did you expect people to play the game according to how you want or they want?

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                    16. Re: Campers

                    Word. They cry cause "campers" aren't in the open with a shoot me sign hanging on their chest. I respect players who can hold down an area and fend me off. Legit runners are hella good too.

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                      17. Re: Campers

                      Ha ha. You think about the game in excatly the same way - common sense way!


                      First of all, campers, true campers who sit in a corner, are not as hard to kill you think. They are crap players so its easy. All you have to do is run into the room and shoot them. Moving/strafing targets are difficult for them to deal with. And remember, always look at the entire screen not just what is in front of you. If you go into rom looking at one corner and then another corner you are dead. Instead fly in quick and look for movement or the object that is the camper in the corner of your eye. I think people forgot to take in whats going on in the entire screen. I have killed many people while looking at the hud just because I can see them in my peripheral vision. Just learn to take in every movent that happens on your screen and you will do alright.


                      Secondly people who control an area, are not campers at all. Its good game play and should be what the game is all about TACTICS.

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                        18. Re: Campers

                        It's all about tactics for sure.

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                          19. Re: Campers

                          i dont mind one or 2 campers in a game but when the whole oposite team camp it just makes for a very slow dull game imo i end up rage quiting not because i cant kill them just the fact they make the game play so slow it almost depressing and my attitude if im hosting the game lobby 1 or 2 fair enough whole team no chance.

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