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    Lag compensation issue

      Are you tired about lag compensation issue tell them here:







      Together we can change thing


      Plz do it !!!

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          HA HA LOL HA LMAO.

          They don't care over 9 million copies sold, you do the math. As long a little John on his crapy DSL can be a beast so he will buy the DLC pack @ $50 X 9 million. The lag comp. is so bad its made going to COD 4 great. Just order an AOL disk online and get on on dial up you will KICK BUTT!

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            I don't think its lag comp, its the fact that there just are not enough server locations.


            Sofar the only ones I can connect to is in Ontario and New Jersey. I would get a much better ping to anything in Cali, so the only logical explanation is that there simply isnt any other data ceters to connect to.

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                Its lag compensation cauz 3 or less bar ping got always an advantage on me. Its unfair and they need to fix it.

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                  Incorrect, when you are on a server and the Lag Compensation kicks in you can not kill the enemy the game did not change servers from 1st half of domination to the 2nd. The match making seems to work great, they just need to disable lag comp. and then you will be competitive and wont feel like an idiot when you die 30 times in a row.


                  If you have a bad Internet connection match making should put you in fair games unless you have a badly variable connection that peak and valley constantly, this is something to take up with your ISP.


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                      Fix lag compensation

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                          Bring back real ping not a console ping bar and fix lag compensation

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                              Lag comp is completly broken ans you need to fix it

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                                  there is only one way to "fix" lag compensation, and that is to d/l the hacks.


                                  because, and let me explain,


                                  -lag compensation, makes sure the enemy sees me before i see him or her, and thus, gaining an unfair advantage over me.


                                  i am a good player, i miss lots of times sure, but i know how to aim, and play. i move, camping is not in my book, hell, my first fps was stv:ef, and i haven't stopped playing since then.

                                  but this game, i can't get better then 0.5, because i just see no enemy when i get hit.

                                  and because i play hc only, that's just makes it worser.


                                  so to even the playing field, i will need to see the enemy before they can see me.


                                  and then d/l hacks is the only remaining option.

                                  i'm not hacking, yet, but i'm getting more and more tempted to do so.


                                  fail mp design, by failed devs.


                                  tell me, if seeing me and killing me before i can respond is not hacking, then what is.

                                  and that hack, comes free with the game. for some.

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                                      You're right dude. I never looked at it that way, but your comment makes sense. F**k it, all of us who get affected by lag compensation should start hacking to even up the chances, since Failarch don't  plan on fixing the lag compensation issue. I mean most of us who are lag comp victims stopped playing this POS game anyway so we might as well start hacking. We all paid for the game that is unplayable for many so we should make Failarch actually earn the money we paid them, by getting their anti cheat team work their butts off to try stop all those who are cheating!!!!!! At least then we'll know the're doing something for PC players!

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                                        It's true, but I'm not rich, I'm poor and I'm not a jerck.

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                                          Ya let's all just cheat to make things even!! You mean let's cheat to have an advantage and have an excuse to do so. Since the dawn of hacks, people like you have used the excuse of a bad connection to use hacks and make things worse. I agree there are problems. I played Kill Confirmed today and I was watching my opponents slide 8-10 feet during an exchange! Never saw that until the last update! Give them a chance to make things better. Cheating is not the answer, you will only get your key banned.

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                                              let's get one thing straight here.


                                              i have no bad connection. atleast i hope that, cause my country has the highest prices off all of europe, and i pay for that good connection.


                                              and i don't cheat, i merely said it was worth considering, seeing what they implemented into this game, and the lack of european data centers.


                                              i feel i don't need to give them a chance to fix things, because dedicated servers would be the solution.

                                              no, instead, they have to use rewind time.

                                              wich makes for such funny encounters.

                                              like when i am using a pistol and dexterity, and on a heads up encounter (where both me and the enemy were sprinting), the enemy with a lmg, will ads faster and kill me then i would with my pistol.

                                              (killcam showing me a full 2 seconds into his/her view, before i even catch a glance, and thus, a chance to react.)


                                              so i only said, that cheating will give me that advantage, that the game currently is giving to certain players.


                                              there are more then one problem, and it should have been playtested.

                                              not being released as a beta to the public, and offering no support, like what is happening now.


                                              3 months, and the lag compensation is worser then ever.

                                              forgive me if i'm being sceptic about them being able to fix things.


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                                              Hacking is a selfish act, it's not going to resolve anything but punish other players. If you're experiencing lag then perhaps it's at your end.


                                              • Adjust the max ping in the search preference within the game.
                                              • Adjust in-game visual settings.
                                              • Check your cable signal for issues.
                                              • Check if your cable modem is causing the problem.
                                              • Check if your router is causing the problem.
                                              • Make sure to play wired.
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                                    Someone already mentioned this but think about the whole picture:


                                    What if the current system, with the few overloaded servers and heavy lag compensation, means

                                    - great fun and better k/d for 5% with really crappy connections

                                    - fun games for the 90% of casual players

                                    - real pain for the 5% of "better" players with good connections and good PCs


                                    The whole game made a big step towards "casual" with all the changes since BO that it only makes sense this extends to the underlying network.


                                    Hopefully they'll change it somewhen but a further decrease in player numbers and fragmentation due to DLC don't really let this seem to be all that probable.

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                                      Fix lag compensation

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                                        I was watching a gameplay video and I noticed something strange. Is it that way the lag compensation is working?



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                                          They never gonna fix lag comp ...