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    If you can't ban hackers at a decent rate, how about allowing us to have a personal block list so we wont connect if certain players are playing in  a server?

      SO I am getting frustrated with the fact this guy YOKO and all his friends have been playing since day 1 and hacking. everyone has reported him yet he is still playing so how about putting the power in the hands of the people legit playing, and giving us a allow and block list. if we attempt to connect to a server and someone you have put on the blocklist is playing. it will search for another server!


      and basically what will happen once everyone adds him to the blocked list. no one will play with him and it would be useless and boring if he sat in a lobby endlessly! Plus you guys wouldnt need to hire people to watch replays and verify millions of requests??


      Your welcome Treyarc. And I'm available for work if you like my Idea !! you have my facebook if you want more ideas.