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    Not having fun at all!!!

      Ok, let me start first by saying that I am NOT a good player at FPS games, that being said, BO2 is the 4th COD game that I have purchased on the release date, and I bought all the DLC for the first three games, and I have never played a game online with so much lag!


      Static IP? check, DMZ? check, wired connection? check, I have even upgraded my router & modem....nothing. 90% of my opponents run faster, seem to be immune to gun fire, and my grenades do not explode, Please tell me how in "hardcore" (my favorite mode btw) I can get 3 hit markers on one opponent with out killing them???? The combat knife...useless, I will go through the full motion of a kill as the enemy runs past me & guns me down. I will aim my gun at players, empty a full clip, reload empty another, and still die.  In matches where I assume that the internet is even I seem to be a .90-1.0 KD player, but those matches a few & far between, and as much as I dislike campers, I have tried that to only to be laying prone, and have a random gun shot from across the map hit me in the head. I have reported players that I have heard talking about the hacks & lags they are running, but there they are everytime I log on. WTF? on BO1 I was about a .51 player, on MW3 I was about a .57, so what i suck, that does not change the fact that I cannot seem to do anything on this game.


      All that and now the spawn issues, instant spawn is an epic fail! I am constantly spawning directly in front of an enemy! or having them spawn directly behind me...


      This is not an ultimatum post, I am 1 out of 100,000,000 players, my $60.00 isn't even a drop in the bucket to what they make on these games, I am just sorely disappointed in Treyarch, EA & Activision that these issues exist in the first place. Even as a bad player, I always had fun on BO1, MW2&3, this game isn't even fun when I seem to go 8-29 on a regular basis. My friends all seem to have no issues, I even catch lag from them.


      Unless anyone out there has a better idea of how I get past the lagging, I am going to have to find another game to play.


      Any ideas people?


      Thanks for letting me rant, any help is greatly appreciated

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          i don't really have an answer for you, but the last two titles were still playable but not as enjoyable as BO2 atleast for me.


          do you play with friends or a clan?  that helps me a bunch, and i seem to have a better time playing the game as opposed to solo

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            well i experience the lag issue like that and i notice most of the times it be the servers you be in that be messing you up so i watch who is online or who im playing with

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              Sounds like my experience with MW3, i tried everything with router settings etc and nothing worked.

              When BO2 came out i reset my router to all its default settings just leaving upnp enabled and guess what, no consistant lag.  I get a lot more good games than bad.


              I still get lag spikes here and there but nothing consistant like MW3

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                  This pretty much sums up my experience witht the last 2 titles.


                  MW3's connections were terrible, and despite my love hate with BO2, I've played a day longer in game already with BO2 than I did in a year with MW3

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                      I have gone a lot further in BO2 than both previous games, purely because i am not having the same lag issues.


                      The lag problems started for me with BO1 to and just got worse with MW3, the more extras like theatre mode and elite stat tracking they load in the more the problems seem to show up..


                      I think if they gave players the option to disable the add ons the game would run a lot smoother more of the time..

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                    Man I feel the OP pain.  I'm tired of the "lag/no lag" issues. I love when I spawn in front of an enemy and do the instant death. Or better yet, I have had the issue of people shooting me before they appear on my screen and I die, leaving me to wonder how I died. And then I watch the killcam and see that I was on their screen, but they weren't on mine.


                    I'm getting close to prestiging the first time and 3 of my friends are all at lv55 and refuse to prestige. Is there an advantage for prestiging?

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                      glad to hear that I am not alone. it sucks, i really like the game, i have a small clan, but usually only 2 of us are on. my buddy Reezie303 is great at the game, and thinks i am crazy. i have invited him to play on my set up, and we will see if he can get a 1.0 kd on my ps3. btw, i have been monitoring my connection speeds, they run about 16 down & 6 up.

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                        If you are not happy playing this game, then you are setting your desires too high. Try wanting simple things like small results.


                        Experiment with setups or look at your previous games and imagine what you would have done a second time while watching what you've actually done. You could learn alot that way.

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                          I think it's pretty understandable if you're literally not afforded the same opportunity to have as much fun as the players that are ignorantly having the time of their lives at your expense.

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                            Hi there, I have no idea how you play the game but when I started my KDR was 0.48 on BO2 and MW3 it was around 0.7 (laggy piece of xxxx)

                            I simply could not get the hang of how the game played so couple that with the random lag spikes etc i nearly gave up.

                            KDR now 1.01 and I have fun on more games now.

                            I run low kill streaks, UAV Paper plane bomb thingy and care package. Engineer to spot betties etc and have just started to use black hat. Oh the fun you can have with that if your lagging. Get your care package to drop on a roof or out of the map and watch the enemy rush for it. pick a few of them off then use the black hat to capture it yourself.

                            Try slowing down and shooting from the hip as soon as you see the enemy, bring up your sights if theyre at distance but start shooting as soon as you see them. Use cover, so what if your accused of head glitching, your not your using cover as it should be used.

                            Oh and the thing that I have found the most useful is to mute everybody in the lobby who is not in your party. Even if you join a game in progress mute them all before you pick your class.

                            Hope some of that might help.


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                              Yeah have tried i think every setting on router and ps3 from wireless to hard wired and still cant get a fair game lagg comp insta death what ever you call it seem to be punishing alot of people..... Can just jump back on mw3 or blops1 and everything is better... Im crossing fingers for a 1.05 patch fix

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                                Farcry 3?

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                                  Oh man oh from what i infer is that you don't enjoy the games due to the constant lag spikes etc

                                  ' have you tried setting ur connection to best oh yeah and when i started out my kdr was like 1.10 which was bad for my standards i couldn't fully enjoy the game due to me also getting upset about lag but this few weeks im starting to enjoy the game more getting alot of high scorestreak like VTOL warship , lodestar and warthog by changig my play style i mean i can kill be  across the map in turbine with little effort due to me using AR not a smg so yes you got to adapt ps my kdr now is 1.62 and raising

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                                    One big thing you could try which might reduce the lag you're seeing: join a more populated (Core) playlist.  The more people there are in your list, the better the chances of you getting into a lobby where you'll have a solid connection...and playlists like Core TDM or Domination generally have far more players than HC.


                                    Also, consider where your friends/clanmates live.  If you're talking about RL friends who live across town, no worries...but if you're partying up with a clanmate you've never met face-to-face, or an old buddy who's now in college on the other side of the country, that's going to mess with which lobbies you get into & how strong your connections are.  Plus of course try to play during peak hours for you locally (generally around 4PM-8PM weeknights, 2PM-9PM weekends).


                                    Finally, if you find yourself in a lobby where you feel that you're lagging badly, look for a new one.  Moving into a heavily populated Core list will help a lot in this regard, as there are always thousands of other lobbies you can try until you find one that feels "fair".  If all else fails, you can also switch to a high damage weapon like a Sniper rifle or shotgun, which will usually require just one hit to kill even in Core mode (helping you to overcome the lag).