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    Looking For A Well Established, Professional Clan? Join AccelerateTalent Today! (Video)

      Welcome to our recruitment thread. We are currently recruiting for our clan  AccelerateTalent. We are a talented clan that only accepts great players. If you think this clan is for you, continue reading. NOTE: If you have done the prestige glitch, boosted, or cheated in any way, you will not be accepted.

      For Clan Merging, we will not be merging into other clans. If there is any merging going to happen, you will merge with us. Why? Because we are already doing great by ourselfes.

      Clan Info
      Clan Level: 19 (Black Ops 2)
      Clan Level: 50 (Modern Warfare 3)
      We have a MLG Team
      We have Clan Battle Teams

      We have a member that runs a website http://clanbattlenation.com/

      Clan KD: 2.04( Black Ops 2)
      Clan Score Per Minute: 428.18 (Black Ops 2)

      Clan KD: 2.00 (Modern Warfare 3)
      Clan Score Per Minute: 333.55 (Modern Warfare 3)

      Stil not convinced? Take a look!

      Here are our
      Clan Requirements:

      We prefer Score Per Minute over KD. However, you either need to have 2.10 + KD and a Score Per Minute of 400+ OR a Score Per Minute of 420 and a KD of 1.80 +
      Play with the clan often (this does not mean everyday, we understand you have others to play with aswell)
      do Clan Competitions when you can.

      No bashing other clans.

      If you are still interested and match the requirements, you NEED TO Apply on our Page https://elite.callofduty.com/connect/clan/view/676283
      saying what timezone you live in, if you are a KD or SPM player, and what you can offer the clan. We hope to hear from many of you!