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    who else likes head glitching

      i know i do since its saved my butt a lot and it has helped my team win matchs i love the riot shield its a campers best tool since you can move it put it down and just use it to head glitch like crazy. i love how head glitching is not a bannable offence.

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          Re: who else head glitching

          its a part of the game, and it looks like its not going any where


          i will be using riot sheild more exclusivly after i get AR's diamond.. 


          you dont have to camp with it, i like aggressive use  with akimbos with it

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            Re: who else head glitching

            "Head Glitching" is not a glitch.


            Its a by-product of map design. Sure gun barrels stick out below the eye line magically and thin metal trash cans can reject any round, FMJ or not but its the way the game was designed.


            Everyone uses the cover points, many that cause people to yell out "Head Glitcher!"


            What they mean is "I really wish you were more visible so you would be dead instead of me".


            Thank you, please drive through.

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              Re: who else likes head glitching

              Whether it's intentional or not (because of how the first person view is, a lot of people may not even realize they're actually "head glitching"; it'll only be seen through the opposing player's point of view), whether people like it or not, everyone will/has head glitched multiple times. As mentioned, it's pretty much map design.

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