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    PHD Flopper is in Die Rise!

      I managed to spot where PHD flopper is on Die Rise. When you take the frieght elevator at the spawn down. You will pass a series of doorways. The first 2 are blocked by rubble and the last 2 are opened. One of them has PHD flopper at the back wall. The other is just a hallway to ....?. I have no idea how to actually get to the PHD. I had to go into theatre to actually pause it so I could see because the elevator moves down to fast. Thought I would let you all know. Good luck on finding the way to it.


      I regret to inform you that I do not have a way of providing proof. Laptops webcam is **** and I have an old a$$ cell phone.


      Anyways, If you go into theatre and check that shaft you will surely see it.