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    And with the Revolution DLC I am officially done with Call of Duty! (Worth a Read)

      I've played Call of Duty since CoD classic and enjoyed playing each and every game.  Before it came out, Black Ops 2 was extremely hyped by Treyarch, and everyone was making it seem like it was going to be the best video game that would come out for the next 10 years. When Black Ops 2 came out, lag made it extremely hard to play and there are so many stupid glitches and other non sense that kinda ruin the game. It makes it feel like Treyarch gave absolutely no effort at all in making this game.


      However, I thought that Treyarch just needed some time do address all of these issues and that all these glitches and other stupid things like lag would be fixed, or at least somewhat fixed. I have have been patiently waiting, along with everyone else.


      With the revolution DLC details being revealed about 2 weeks ago, I started to look forward to playing again. Everything was so hyped again "WOW, a game mode where you can play as the zombie!!!!" or "Wow look at these creative maps!!!" and "Treyarch has really put effort into this DLC!!!. I have heard statements like these for the last 2 weeks, people freaking out again like before black ops 2 was released.


      So today, I download the DLC. Although I am not a big zombies fan, I must say Die Rise was pretty fun. A lot of my friends, and people on this website are saying it sucks cause there is no room to run trains and stuff, but I thought it was a cool and creative map. And the only part of the DLC that was not full of glitches.


      Next, I went to play the new multiplayer DLC maps with the new peacekeeper. Right away it would not let me make a class with the Peacekeeper, kept giving me some stupid error codes and eventually I just went to play the new maps without it. I lagged out of my first 3 games, which happens constantly, then I got to play on all of the new maps. Grind is an ok map, and after that all of the maps are garbage. The spawn points are herrendous, if you thought Black Ops 2 had bad spawns then wait until you play the DLC. The only game mode that should have spawn trapping is demolition. Games like TD, KC and Domination can spawn players pretty much whereever. But in every game I was in, the losing team was getting trapped. Bravo Treyarch. I tried to play in more games, but kept lagging out and when i would find a game, the lag made it almost unplayable.


      I've decided I'm done with CoD. Video games are supposed to be fun and enjoyable. I'm sick of dealing with this clusterf*ck of a game, other games are more fun to play and aren't loaded with problems. Thanks for reading!