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    Final Dlc Easter Egg possibility?

      Just thought, think back to moon, the easter egg could only be done if you have completed shangi la and call of the dead, so could the last dlc ee mean that you would need 4 differnt navcards and 4 players to complete? since you can transfer navcards to each map, also it could also mean that there is no solo easter in black ops 2 as it would ruin the story line by the looks of it. what do you guys think?




      Four map packs, five zombie maps, four spires, all maps will have a easter egg to power a spire for richtofen and maxis apart from the last map when the final easter egg. when you play the last map, depending on which side you have chosen the most on all spires last, maxis will say something like, "Well done, you have successfuly connected all of the spires together, BUT the link is not stable. you will have to retrace your steps and redo what must be done" for other words you have completed all the easter eggs and inserted the nav cards in the correct tables, if not he will say " you have not linked the spires! do it or we can not continue" so you will have to do all easter eggs one sided so either maxis side or richtonfen. and the same if you want to do richtonfen side of the major ending. depending on the completed easter eggs it will change the ending easter egg for the last map.


      add comments down below to add your ideas and what you think.