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    Help on some of the more harder callsigns? (KillChain, Nuked out)

      I attempted to get the Nuked Out Title during the christmas noobs outbreak but I semi-accidently ended up reseting my stats out of frustration.


      So far, I went on several 28+ killstreaks and died. The problem is... I died by Pistols every single time. In this whole month, I died 14 times on a 25+ streak by a handgun.


      For those of you who don't know, there is a secret title named Nuked Out. You need to get a 30 gunstreak (including lethals) in a free for all. With this matchmaking, it isn't easy. (K/D 2.35. W/L 1.69. SpM 438)


      I've also been having trouble trying to obtain the Kill chain titles. (Get 7 rapid kills and get 9 rapid kills)
      I gained the 8 kill one by accident, but I just can't seem to get the 7 or 9.


      Would anybody be kind enough to run a party with me so I can try and get the Killchain title? Only one I need to get the Killer Master thing