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    PS3 new update???

      When does the new patch/update coming out for ps3???

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          The patch is with Sony for testing at the moment pending approval by them

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            Some will tell you that because it is with Sony already, that it will be out once they approve it and can implement the update. However, what people don't realize is that the Xbox Update was with Microsoft a month before it was released. The reason they do this is because when they hand it over, they give them a date of release for the update. Microsoft and Sony check it, and if everything is okay and approved, they release it on said release date. If something is wrong with it, Treyarch has to fix what is wrong and send it back for approval with a new release date or the same one if there is time to approve it and fit it in. So, I would still say it will likely be released the weekend before the DLC release.