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    Lag so bad. Am I cursed?

      Just another lag rant on these forums. Please don't respond by saying there is no lag because your connection works ok. Just be happy you are one of the lucky ones.


      I have opened up all my ports, dmzed my router, all that other stuff but it hasn't helped. I have 60mbps fibreoptic and live in London where local games with good connections should be easy to find. I keep on trying to play this game, hoping it will be ok. It almost never is. I thought it was better for a bit last week but think I must have just gotten into lobbies with people who couldn't shoot straight because the last few days it has been horrible. People appear on my screen and I am dead straight away. I ads round corners and someone sprinting with their gun facing the ground instakills me. People clearly looking the other way shoot me after I have emptied half my clip into them. Earlier I got quickscoped by a sniper, who got me with his second shot which I didn't even know had happened until I saw the killcam after. How can I be lagging that far behind? Am I cursed? Why is my connection so bad? I don't want to give up on this game because I really like it when it works but I have pretty much had enough.




      Pic of all my opened ports, in case I did something wrong. Don't think I did though



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          I'm no expert but have you checked your cables?  You definitely are experiencing lag but if it's an all the time thing then you more than likely do have a problem either on your end or your ISP.  My only other thought would be are you finding yourself in foreign lobbies all the time?  Foreign lobbies are a mixed bag for me but often they are the laggiest.  The latest patch which released yesterday for XBOX but hasn't hit PS3 includes a continent region lock for matchmaking and that should help your situation as well.  Good luck and hopefully someone more knowledgable than I can assist you further.

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            Hey mate , i got almost the same internet as you and i live in Belgium.


            I opend my ports > DMZ > Static IP on ps3 , but most people are looking on youtube for faster internet.

            What i see the most is set DNS almost all the people do that.



            http://code.google.com/p/namebench/   This is a program that scans your internet and give you the best DNS.  Mine is now 33 % faster , and i will help allot.

            You can install / reinstall the texture.. I installed it and i don't have much troubles anymore.

            All the people are searching for BEST on Black ops 2 , what i do i search on Normal / Any , it give me more good matches.


            Other thing you can do is , connect your ps3 directly to your modem.

            Also what i do is when i feel i got much laggy lobby's  , is reset my router this can help most of the times. Turn off firewalls also ,  make also that no other device is connected when you play black ops 2. Turn off computers , tablets that on the internet.



            Treyarch need to look at there netcode for sure.



            Greetings from Belgium , sorry for my poor English.

            I hope it helped a bit for you.

            Have a nice day all.

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                     This is all I did.  I set the PS3 to a DMZ (static IP).  This will open all ports.  Port Forwarding and UPnP isn't required if you do this.


                     I ran the benchmark, my router address came up as the fastest, so no help there, lol.


                     I believe the problem lies in the matchmaking.  One person with a high ping in your lobby manages to screw up everyone, and the low ping players seem to suffer the most.

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                    Yup true , and i got now most of the time 3 bar connection.

                    With the double xp i run into good games. No lag , good teams.

                    Now i have players worser then my grandma , don't play the objective and laging as ****.

                    Just bought the season pass for the zombie , because MP is realy fustrated at the moment.


                    What i will know is , got xbox the same troubles as we get ? Because i see on youtube everyday a new video with people that getting high scorestreaks. Almost no lag , but people on the ps3 struggel to get a simpel centry gun. It's not because the people suck , it's just because off the lag.

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                  Are you with Virgin Media by any chance? To be fair fibre optic is too good for this game:'(

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                    Here is what you can do. If you have a router that has MANY options for tweaking. like a Dlink, ENABLE unicast, UDP datatgrams i believe run in unicast on this game so depending on what your modem broadcasts for you devices can indeed affect your game. This sadly is not the core of the problem, they as in 3arc totally love to troll all of us because they are Activisions you know what.....SO we get screwed AGAIN. Activivsion 2- the people 0....

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                        Thankyou all for responses.


                        I don't have a gaming router to make lots of tweaks with, I have used namebench to find my best DNS before and it said my default ones were the best, I tried 8888 8844 anyway back then and the connection was so awful it could barely find games so I put it back.


                        I have swapped my cables around before to see if it makes a difference and I did not see any, and I do end up in foreign lobbies a fair amount but have lagged a lot in UK ones too.


                        I am with virgin media and actually according to them there is a fault on the line for my whole area which won't be fixed until the beginning of March. (they have refunded me though) It is supposed to cause my connection to be intermittent and to not give the speed it should so I guess that is the problem? I have noticed I lag to one bar making it unplayable a lot during peak times which must be caused by the fault along with more people using it, but at other times I can play on a 4bar just noticably lagging behind other players most of the time and almost always being shown as glitching about when I watch myself in killcams. I guess there is a lot of packet loss making the game not run smoothly or whatever, I don't know the technicalities of it. Makes sense if that is the cause of my problem though since my lag is pretty consistent.


                        Oh well guess I will put this game on the shelf until then rather than banging my head against the wall hoping it works and then being frustrated. Haven't got that far in Dishonored yet, that will fill the time nicely I suppose

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                        The new patch locks continents, not countries. Which means if foreign lobbies are lagging like hell (they are for me too) then were probably still going to end up in those laggy foreign lobbies. Maybe it was too hard to lock it by country?


                        EDIT: haha dishonoured, still havent finished it. Going for none lethal playthrough, everytime i load up i get invited to bo2