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    Do you like Bacon, Chili, Cheese?

      Bacon, Chili and Cheese is recruiting for all platforms, BUT I'm specifically looking for xbox members.  The clan has been around for well over a year, has it's own forums, rated #6 in top 100 clans http://bops2.gotop100.com/index.php, live chat feature, PS3 users, Wii users, PC users.  


      No ranks, decisions are made as a whole,  no secrets, no bull.  We don't care about your stats, we just want mature people who are looking for a laid back clan to mingle with. 



      Granted our xbox division is nill to none right now, it WILL grow and we WILL be taking part in practices, league events, as well as game battles later on.



      PM me on here or go to http://www.bcc.x10.bz/phpbb/index.php      You can use a guest login and password to access live chat if you have further questions or you can use the shoutbox at the top.  Register on the forums if you are interested in joining (make sure to mark which platform you are on). 





      P.S. if you have general questions feel free to reply below, I'm good at getting back in a timely manner.