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    $15 for a map pack is atrocious.

      I should of known that you would charge this much. How can you charge this much for an (relatively small) add on? Treyarch is the only company that can get away with providing a small amount of content for this price. Look at past DLC. Elder Scrolls IV, GTA4, these games had fantastic DLC for no more than $20 a piece and those actually added TONS of content and were almost whole new games themselves.. Not only that, but I could get a whole GAME on Xbox live for this price. I am not buying into it. The season pass is a slap to the face of gaming and really, what is the point of buying DLC for a game that will be unsupported in about 6 months?


      Perhaps this post is entirely pointless but my point still stands. This pricing is terrible but unsurprising coming from a company that only sees us as walking dollar signs and nothing more.

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