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        70. Re: laser beam destination points...

        Half hour or so!

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          71. Re: laser beam destination points...

          Not necessarily....  It's proven that ps3 players can see the orbs from the box.  I see them all the time plus there is video.  Do the orbs have purpose is the real question.  Are they tryin to tell us we have to use a certain gun? If not then what

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            72. Re: laser beam destination points...

            yes, I thought about that. I have tried to emp the electric guy under that lightening rod since I found this. but nothing. have tried much else yet. but will

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              73. Re: laser beam destination points...

              Hey KingGnarthur, sorry I have not been on the forums since the day I posted this, mainly because with the release of Die Rise, I didn't want to see something that may spoil my veiw of it before I could explore the new map for my self. anyway

              With what you have said about the power surge when you placed your turbines down, That to my friend is an amazing find in it's self. I tried that once a while back and didn't notice anything but now things do seem to have changed a little on tranzit. plus regarding the new powerlines, I too made a list of powerlines a little over a month ago, and I do not have them being there. but I will say it is possible I missed them, not sure. I have not been able to explore tranzit as much in the past 2 days due to the excitement of Die rise coming out. I did how ever spend a couple hours with Yoda exploreing on monday night with nothing new found. still not sure what it all means. but I will return to tranzit and explore further soon enough. Thanks for the surport my friend and good luck.

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                74. Re: laser beam destination points...

                Well I too do not think the beams are a glitch, and as for the reason the laundry mat door bein gth espawn point of these beams. i think The door is almost dead center of the whole map.

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                  75. Re: laser beam destination points...

                  X-box Gt F1ying P1atapus.

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                    76. Re: laser beam destination points...

                    i just wanted to say thanks to Reaper2909, for the amazing screen shots of the laser beams bounceing off the orb in town, and hitting the lamp post inside the forest cafe. I was in a game last night with a friend who was claiming to be seeing the same thing, i disregarded this because I never seen the beams bounce off the orb in town my-self nor seen anyone mention this happening. he claimed it was going to the church and down the center of town. ( sorry for not beleiveing you Zombie) I have seen with my own eyes, ( in game, not through a glitch) the laser go staight to the lamp post at the forest cafe. And yes It can be seen in game by the way.  wow is all I have to say at the moment. back to tranzit I go, I guess. Thanks again to the both of you. I have had so crazy stuff happen on Die rise lately that was starting to make me give up, and stop playing for awhile. This has got me excited to play tonight, More so than I have been in awhile.

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                      77. Re: laser beam destination points...

                      haha i know ur talking to him aka zombie on online now just wanted to say u can find one more for tonight but me an him get spots 2 and 3 lol so count us in

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                        78. Re: laser beam destination points...

                        Just an idea, could there be new powerlines/wires after doing each easter egg? It seems to fit with powering up the obelisks.

                        Also, would you mind posting a picture? I dont disbelieve you its just i cant get to my xbox during the week

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                          79. Re: laser beam destination points...

                          My friend, I would love to post a picture, or video of this happening, But I can not do it for this reason. The game I am speaking of happened last night, today I watched the video and for the first time ever was able to see the orb around the stop light in theater mode, ( I know, I must be lieing right) A laser that my friend activated from the laundry door then bounced off the orb and went to the bell tower at the church. crazy I know. At that moment, in the film I had saved from last night, i took a screen shot. It saved. I then backed out to the main menu, and ate some lunch. was planning on going back into the video after I ate lunch and edit the film, and take a few more screen shots. The film is still there, but I receive an error message that states the film might have been removed. I can not watch it. call me what you will;

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