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        20. Re: Constant whining

        My "observation" on what the game is:


        A lagging, poorly developed pile, that freezes, promotes cheating and generally blows dogs.


        The more people who "observe" issues with their purchase the better. We all paid the same amount of money, why are we all not sharing the same game play? Why shouldn't I "observe" problems and speak out?


        And why would anyone care about what people think of their observations anyway? Don't like it, don't come to the forum.

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          21. Re: Constant whining

          I guess you want me to believe that W@W, Black Ops, MW3 CoDHQs weren't like this. Oh bravo for being another person whining about whiners.

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            22. Re: Constant whining

            just because the game doesn't work for it works fine for me, and you should think before you type, if it wasn't working right for you why didn't you return it and buy it again when it was fixed, no instead you come on here and cry, whats the point, theres millions of other threads crying about the same thing, they know its broke for some, theres no need for 10 threads a day about the same ****.

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              23. Re: Constant whining

              The problem is the amount of threads about the same thing, why do we need 10 threads a day on the same subject, granted people have issues, but why cant they keep it to the same thread with the other people who have the exact same problem.

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                24. Re: Constant whining

                Why should i not come to the forum? I have as much right as you to come here.

                Would just like to see some positive threads for once thats all

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                  25. Re: Constant whining

                  You must be one of the lucky one's who has a perfect game with no problems....Now go play your perfect game then why are you on here you clown. Pffffffft.

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                    26. Re: Constant whining

                    Cant play it constantly you clown, and yes it is pretty much perfect, u mad bro

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                      27. Re: Constant whining

                      "Is anybody else getting sick of the constant whining?


                      Its getting boring now, constantly whining about the same sh*t day in day out,

                      this forums have become a whine fest, Fu*k off and go complain somewhere else you mardy twats."


                      Right, not a whine about whiners thread. You sir, need to get a life. If you don't read all the "whining" posts, then how do you know they are whining? The best part is that you think you know that all this forum is filled with is complaint threads, and what do you do? Make another F'en complaint thread. Good job, well done.


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                        28. Re: Constant whining

                        " u mad bro "


                        Come up with that all on your own big guy?

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                          29. Re: Constant whining

                          Fuckin* hell all these whining threads must be rubbing off on me, oh no what have i turned into. And get a life, you don't even know me so keep your stupid comment to yourself. And have you looked at this forum you idiot, it is filled with complaints, so dont come here making out it isn't.

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