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        60. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

        Lol. I don't think this guy has used the SMR. Hitmarkers, are youn kidding me. It 2 shots and dead, best AR if you have some skill and i have to agree with you that is sounds the best out of all the guns... boom goes the dynamite.

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          61. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

          What they should do is just charge 80$ for a copy of the game. Period. If you buy the game, you get the map drops included. This way you avoid drops in player count and the new maps are simply added into the rotation. I think CoD's biggest problem is that the process isn't streamlined and efficient. Everyone wants to add a new bell or whistle but they don't think it through IMO. Better management and forethought needed!

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            62. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

            The SMR and the MTAR are my last AR's to max and I have to admit, the SMR is a headshot machine hands down! It's RoF is slower with the switch but add on a silencer so people don't know where the shots are coming from and boom, rampage! I definitely underrated this gun.

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              63. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

              I still think they should have made the Hardened Edition $99.99 and that includes all the DLC released for the game.


              I would have bought that in a second.

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                64. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                I agree, would have bought it on the spot. Ain't buying the seasons pass just incase the 2nd drop is crap. If i get them it will be 1 at a time

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                  65. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                  You guys must have that wal-mart internet or something lol. I never lag in BO2(only time I do lag is in zombies when the host connection is terrible) and rarely come across tons of campers or bad lobbies, most of my games are really competitive, but you should come across campers in games that have objectives(Dom,HC,CTF, ETC) Kill Comfirm the only Obj. that falls out of that category cause of how its played. MW3 was the worst imo, from the horrible community, the overpowered guns and tons and tons of campers in ridiculous places all trying to get MOAB's, in MW3 you had a reason to camp and sit back and pick people off (MOAB).  I didn't have a problem with any of MW3 perks though or the maps those are some of the solid parts of MW3. MW3 is alot more easier and fun because most of the campers and annoying players have jumped ship to BO2. BO2 you can just play and rush because you don't need to camp, most campers I come cross are on certain maps that cater to snipers but are filled instead by campers. NO one should criticize other peoples post because you never know their gaming experience but mines with BO2 has been pretty solid so far.

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                    66. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                    I totally agree with what you have said for the most part on MW3... it was trash, almost everything about it. I ain't sayin anything about rushing and camping cause really who cares, people should be able to play however they want. It is getting ridiculous though the amount of players that when they die blame a camper. Everytime they die its camper this and f@#king camper that. People got to quit complaing and just play. IF he IS camping you know where he is, so go a different route to kill him (at least 2 enterances to every "camping" spot) or avoid him all together. That simple.

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                      67. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                      I apologize for bringing this back. Didn't want to start a new thread. But I just dusted off COD4 and MW2. Just for the heck of it. COD4 actually still up and running. Was probably the best time I had playing COD since MW2. MW2 was also pretty fun just messing around. No hacked lobbies, no crazy noobtubing, just pure fun.


                      COD4 though brought back some good ole times. Now that was a COD game.Point my gun, shoot, and they die, no failed hit markers, no lag. Just good ole fashion shoot em up. The 3,5,7 killstreaks got them all, and what a difference from todays game.  Its funny how much has changed, and it all seems to be for the worse. It doesn't seem like the games are getting better. I think they are just trying to cram too much stuff into the game

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                        68. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                        gamehawk what connection speeds are you at if you never lag. you obviously have the most supreme connections ever

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                          69. Re: After going back to MW3 for a day

                          So i finished all of the camo challenges for every weapon in BO2 last night, and today thought now would be a good time to go back into MW3.


                          I played only 2 games, connection wasn't perfect but it never was that in MW3 for me. No severe lag issues either, it did run better for the duration of those 2 matches that it did on average during it's prime. Both matches were KC, one with the DLC on and the other with DLC off, both got me a 50ms ping lobby.


                          In both games i was on top of the scoreboard, around 2 K/D with a lot of confirms so nothing special there. In the first match i rushed with the USAS-12, on the second i sniped with the MSR and had my Deagle while getting the tags. IW has always made better shotties for their games, so i'll give that to MW3 over BO2, but sniping feels better in BO2 even though i feel like it's somehow easier in MW3.


                          On those 2 matches i was also happy to see that 90% of the lobby was not using the ACR and MP7, and there was some variety. People also played the objective. Maybe those things were just blind luck since i did play for only 2 matches, but maybe the majority of the MOAB-campers have stopped playing since i didn't get constantly killed by silenced ACR's.


                          Based on those 2 matches after staying away from MW3 for 3 months, i don't have that much to complain about. Sure there are the deathstreaks and lethal support streaks which i don't like, but you can live with those things when people die when you shoot them. But for whatever reason, MW3 just feels a bit boring and stale for me now, i never truly loved that game but i did play for 20 prestiges worth so it did have some appeal to it. Also the brownish colour schemes IW uses look quite awful after once again getting used to Treyarch's more cartoonish look, but that's just a personal preference and nothing that would stop me from playing since there's no point in playing an FPS on a console if you are doing it for the graphics, you need a PC for that.


                          I really don't feel like playing any more of MW3, it's maybe sligtly slower paced than BO2 and that does not bother me at all, it just feels like playing an age old game without any of the nostalgia. Going back to CoD4 and MW2 is always a fun experience, as long as you find a hacker free lobby, so when and if i do find that BO2 no longer provides me any entertainment, i'll rather go back to the older titles.

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