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        The 4 worst AR's in the game. Thats why the pro's use the M8 and the An94. And nobody uses the tar in competitive. You're calling me a noob, you probably only play public matches and I never use a silencer. Yes I use the msmc, that gun *****. So what. You're probably a camper who thinks a 2 k/d in a pub is good. Stop wasting my time please.

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          MW2 is the best COD ever no doubt. MW3 was well built but one weapon dominated and spawns were terrible. BO2 is a good game very very very poorly implemented. So poorly programmed that I wonder how can a company so reputed can fk up the basics. Lags, Freezes, Slow and unresponsibe menus, party problems, sound problems.


          I think Activision should push the time frame for new title (if there is any) to 2 year. That way we can enjoy one title to fullest and they can realease all the patches necessary. The new title will get enough time to test and debug and they can learn from the community while the old one is being patched. I think the sole reason we are getting fed these crappy COD titles is because they have limited time to work on. I applaud the idea of BO2 but I am pretty sure they had to finish the project in time and before they could fully work on patches had to work for new DLC.

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            PerkyNipzz wrote:


            Death streaks

            This pretty much says it all about the previous two MW games.  I'll add something else: MW3 was a boring game in regards to MP.  I had 247 hrs played but found myself playing Black Ops 1 a lot more.  I find Black Ops 2 to be better than MW3 but not MW2. 

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              MW3 was horrible and unplayable for me, it was terrrible. When throttling down your internet leads to better gameplay... That is a sh%t game. At least with high quality internet black ops 2 is 50/50 interms of getting a decent connection/game where as MW3 was 80% crap, laggy lobbies. We will see who makes the nxt one, pretty sure it ain't going to be IW.

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                I only wish the kiddies that have started playing with the last few releases could have played MW2 in its early days after release ..... it was glorious.


                Best COD ever.

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                  I started with W@W and still love this game. Really wish we could go back to that. I understand some of the map design and dynamic elements like the train in Express but i still miss being able to hope in a tank like you could on a few of the maps in W@W. Wish they would bring that back, just for a few maps. Would be funny to hear people rage Tanker instead of Camper lol

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