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    laser beam destination points...

      So as we all know, there are lasers that we can activate by pulling up our sights on the laundry mat door in town. well i believe that I have discovered one of the 4 destination points of the lasers. In town there is a broken building behind the bank that is known as the forest cafe. inside this building there just so happens to be a light post hidden ( just like the ones we use to teleport). one of the lasers seem to end at this lamp. plus a month ago I took notes of all the powerlines in town, and there seems to all of a sudden be some new powerlines. one of which is now connected to this lamp post hidden inside the forest cafe. I do belive now we were never suppose to complete this story at one time. and maybe just maybe it is a time released story that we will have to complete over a few months, step by step. it would make more sence to me if I can find the other 3 destinations for these laser beams. I will be looking all day today to see if that can be done. my only fear is maybe they are not ready for us to find these yet.


      On a differant note, I am excited to see how many names I will be called before people even check this out. look for yourself before you call me anything. I say this because I have been one of the more silent EE hunters on these pages, but I promise I have been very active and up to date on every theory that people have had. and also disgusted with the way most of you treat one another. Good luck.

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